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Leading Process Management Firm Achieves 200% Increase in Applicants Through Advanced Recruitment Strategy

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Learn how Intergroup nixed the manual work, broadened their reach, and used data to streamline their recruitment process.

Jobat 25% Improves Campaign Efficiency by 25%, Gaining A Competitive Advantage

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Check out how Jobat boosted efficiency and optimized campaign performance, thanks to MOJO Pro.

Mindfield Saves 20%+ per Application and Fills Its Funnel Faster with Joveo

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Leading recruitment process outsourcing firm Mindfield excels in finding the best front-line workers for world-renowned brands. Thanks to MOJO Pro, they brought their CPAs down by 20%, expanded their publisher network, and dramatically increased efficiency.

Oliver Raine Supercharges Recruitment Advertising with Joveo

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By bringing Joveo into the company, it allowed us to collaborate all of the information into one dashboard, which helped us manage client performance, honor their jobs and really deliver results for our clients.

Chrissy Porter
Client Director

Life Time Scales Job Ad Reach and Simplifies Recruitment Operations

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Life Time has a lot of challenging positions to hire, such as personal trainers, Pilates instructors, lifeguards, etc. So, if one of our jobs isn’t getting enough applications, the Joveo support team can jump in and amplify my jobs to additional job titles that might have better keyword synergy than our original job titles, or expand our jobs to additional markets where candidates might live. Joveo has helped change the game for Life Time!

Ryan Affolter
Manager,Recruitment Marketing

HealthTrust Tracks All Recruitment Media in One Place

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It’s really great to be able to see all of our sources in one central location – really helps us to understand where we’re getting the most bang for our buck, where our ROI is coming in from. The other thing that I love is the track-to-hire feature.

Michael Swift
Director, Recruitment Marketing

Global Staffing Agency Consolidates Recruitment Media Buying and Cuts Cost per Application by More Than 50% With Programmatic Job Advertising

Fortune Global 500 staffing agency transformed how it attracts and sources talent in more than 50 countries, thanks to programmatic job advertising. As a result, their recruiters saved a ton of time and money, cutting their CPAs by more than 50%.

Top Gig Employer Automates Craigslist Job Posting, Achieves 67% Reduction in Cost per Hire

Discover how one multinational gig employer effortlessly posts thousands of job ads in hyper-local markets. The result? A 67% decrease in cost per hire.

Cutting-Edge ATS Automates Job Ad Distribution on Social Channels and Slashes Cost per Application by 79%

Explore how our client, a leader in high-volume hiring, automated job ad distribution on social channels with MOJO Social. They not only streamlined their process, but saw a remarkable 79% decrease in cost per application and a 16% improvement in apply-to-hire rates.

Leading Healthcare Staffing Agency Reduces Cost per Placement by 78%

Discover how a leading healthcare staffing agency reduced their cost per placement by 78% in just six months. Learn how Joveo’s AI-powered programmatic job advertising increased application traffic, improved application quality, and ensured a stable and predictable volume of candidates.

MOJO Apply Boosts Top Auto Insurer’s Click-to-Apply Conversions by 221%

Explore how a leading US-based auto insurance company simplified its application process, resulting in a 221% increase in click-to-apply ratio and a 40% reduction in cost per application.

Top Gig Platform Achieves 45%+ Reduction in Cost per First Shift with AI-Driven Job Advertising

Top gig platform struggling to meet their aggressive sourcing targets, switches to Joveo’s AI-powered job advertising platform. The result? 80%+ more candidates placed, 45%+ reduction in cost per first shift.

Global Financial Institution Consolidates Recruitment Media Buying

An overstretched recruitment marketing team, juggling manual media buying and reporting across more than 10 countries finds their MOJO with Joveo. The result?  Consolidated recruitment media buying (using any local currency) and real-time, centralized reporting. Shazzam.

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