Our Customer

Our customer stands as one of the largest independent convenience store operators in the United States, coupled with a significant presence as a leader in fuel retail. With a vast network spanning more than 14,200 stores across 26 countries worldwide, it is a prominent player, employing over 124,000 professionals.

Our customer’s extensive operations cater to diverse consumer needs, providing convenience products and services, as well as fuel. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service has solidified their position as a trusted provider.

The Challenge

This leading convenience store and fuel retail operator, faced significant challenges in its job advertising efforts. For one, it struggled to optimize the volume of applications and the cost per first shift for hiring store cleaners and store merchandisers. Balancing the need for hires with cost-efficiency posed difficulties, which impacted its ability to fill crucial roles promptly and effectively.

Additionally, the customer grappled with tracking the successful completion of first shifts by new hires. This tracking process was vital for evaluating recruitment effectiveness and onboarding processes but presented complexities in data collection and analysis.

Furthermore, managing the demand for retail workers during peak seasons proved challenging. Striking a balance between adequate staffing levels to meet customer demands and avoiding overstaffing during slower periods required proactive workforce management strategies.

These challenges underscored the need for a data-driven job advertising platform to optimize talent attraction processes, track performance metrics accurately, particularly during peak seasons.

The Joveo Solution

Thanks to MOJO Pro, our customer gained access to a comprehensive platform and advisory services to address the challenges it faced.

The platform automatically allocates our client’s job advertising budget to high-quality sources at the right time and place. This intelligent allocation, based on historical and labor market data, ensures that recruitment media spending is optimized, focusing on channels that yield the best results in terms of candidate quality and cost-effectiveness.

Moreover, Joveo incorporates job title expansions to boost reach and attract a wider pool of qualified candidates. By optimizing job titles and content, the solution enhances visibility and engagement, leading to better conversions.

MOJO Pro also enables full-funnel optimization, from click to first shift completion. By optimizing the candidate funnel, Joveo helped the customer streamline and gain efficiencies across the talent attraction process and enhance overall recruitment outcomes.

The Joveo solution also supports scaling quickly during peak hiring needs, in line with seasonal market dynamics. Whether during busy peak seasons or slower periods, Joveo’s adaptive strategies ensure that our client can meet fluctuating demand for retail workers effectively and efficiently.

Business Impact

  • 45% reduction in cost per first shift, our customer’s equivalent to cost per hire
  • 42% increase in conversion from app downloads to first shifts accepted
  • 83% increase in number of first shifts completed