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We are looking for like-minded problem solvers. If you are someone who just believes in getting the job done without any excuses, this is a role for you.


  • Apply Machine Learning, Predictive analytics and Optimisation techniques to generate insights and optimise business decisions
  • Understand the job domain and how Joveo works and pick a problem and solve it end to end
  • You are supposed to solve the problem as a consumable service.
  • Should be able to solve the scaling and data engineering requirements as well (not only the modelling problem)
  • Should be able to work in start-up like fast paced environment with narrow deadlines
  • Should be able to work with no annotated data, generate datasets as per the modelling problem and take cost optimised decisions when needed
  • Experiment and re-iterate, accept mistakes and re-implement with precision
  • Visualise data finding with tools like matplotlib / seaborn and help product teams take data based decisions
  • Be prepared to take your own decisions and prove your point with data
  • Be open to take on any task ( text mining or statistical modelling) and not limiting yourself to a domain or set of problems
  • Be prepared to work with millions of records and solve the scale problem with cost optimised solutions
  • Be prepared work in on-demand cloud setup, with responsibility of Continuous integration and deployment of the projects worked upon by you.


  • 9-12 years of industry experience with most part of it involved in solving data science or machine learning problems.
  • At least 2+ years of experience in managing team
  • Experience in econometrics models using one or more of the following techniques to solve a combinatorial optimisation problems - Linear Programming, Non-linear Programming and Goal Programming.
  • Implemented at least 3-4 projects in production with live users consuming the product.
  • Full stack engineer with acumen to do whatever is needed to get the job done.
  • Big data experience ( should have worked on map reduce problems)
  • Good programming experience in any language ( we mostly use python by certainly not limited to) with advanced knowledge of design patterns
  • Some deep learning experience in any deep learning libraries like keras, pytorch, TensorFlow etc.
  • Detailed understanding of Natural Language Processing and Statistics
  • Knowledge of ontology building will be a big plus