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The Joveo Story

Why do so many recruiters struggle to hire, even as countless qualified candidates wrestle to find work?

Job seekers work very, very hard to get noticed, going through hundreds of irrelevant job ads, and are often overwhelmed by long and painful job application processes. At the same time, recruiters wrestle (seriously!) with the complexity of the talent sourcing jungle, including clunky post-and-pray recruiting platforms. There’s a whole lot of lost opportunity in between.

In 2017, we founded Joveo to fill that space.

Our goal was to build a platform that would use data to deliver the right job to the right person anywhere in the world. That’s when we found our MOJO (Machine Optimized Jobs), a platform that leverages data science and machine learning to shatter the limitations of traditional job advertising.

Today, our platform puts you in control of your organization’s talent sourcing which means it also puts you in control of your time and money.


Transforming Talent Sourcing, One Hire at a Time

Q3 2017

Joveo was founded

Q3 2017

MOJO 1.0 (MVP) launched. First round funding raised. Started generating revenue!

Q4 2017

MOJO (Job Ad) Exchange launched

Q3 2018

MOJO 2.0 (MOJO Pro) launched

Q3 2018

Social, search, and display advertising capabilities launched

Q1 2019

MOJO Apply (Job Application Optimization) launched

Q2 2019

Funnel tracking pilot introduced

Q3 2019

Series B funding raised

Q4 2020

Grew YoY despite COVID- induced recession

Q4 2021

Grew 3x YoY in monthly net revenue

Q4 2022

Joveo has blossomed from an idea into a multi-national team of 250+ people with offices around the world
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We ask why, dive deep and fix problems forever.
We succeed as one team.
We move fast


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