Most job applications are too long, too cumbersome, and convert horribly – especially from the lens of millennial and Gen Z candidates. As a result, more than 90% of job seekers don’t complete their applications! That’s a big cliff.

So let’s talk specifics. The account creation (or user login) page of a job application contributes to around 40% of drop offs. Most TA teams also include tons of non-mandatory questions, a lot of which have zero(!) value in evaluating candidate fit. On top of that, they expect candidates to upload resumes even when more than half of them apply from a mobile device – and literally no one carries their resume on their phone!

What if you could: eliminate the need to create an account; enable social login options; remove non-mandatory fields; offer automated resume creation and upload; recommend the right jobs to each candidate; and more? It’s time to make all of it happen automatically across all your jobs, while getting complete applications in your ATS (unlike those other easy apply options that deliver nothing more than social media profiles or parsed resumes!).

With MOJO Apply, you get: