About Our Client

Our client, one of the world’s top staffing agencies and a Fortune Global 500 company, operates in 50+ countries. It offers a wide array of services, including permanent placement and temporary staffing, and directly employs more than a million people. As this global firm fills thousands of positions for itself and its clients every day, a robust talent attraction technology stack with a wide network of job sites is a necessity.

The Challenge

The staffing agency relied on a legacy talent sourcing model, employing an army of recruiters to cold-email or cold-call candidates for their open job requisitions.

When it came to distributing their jobs online, they relied on well-known publishers (job sites), as manual posting imposed practical restrictions on the number of job sites they could use. Unable to diversify its sources, our client depended heavily on an internal candidate database. But their outbound model of cold calling candidates – without up-to-date information – led to low conversions.

To top it off, the agency’s data was stored in spreadsheets and disparate ATS systems. Not only was real-time monitoring and optimization impossible, they weren’t able to accurate attribute applicants to the right sources. Without this kind of insight, leaders were unable to make data-driven decisions to shift budgets from underperforming sources to high-performing ones.

Report generation was also manual. When local and global leaders requested standard and custom reports, the staffing agency’s teams were spending hours to collate and process data.

Finally, the siloed nature of the agency’s operations made attempts to standardize global strategy and operations impossible. For example, some local entities (in a few countries) used a handful of pay-for-performance publishers, while others relied purely on duration-based job sites. Without a transparent and collaborative approach, entities could not learn from successes and failures in other local markets.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro, Joveo’s programmatic job advertising platform, the staffing agency consolidated its global recruitment media buying, while enabling local teams to have a say in country-specific job advertising strategies.

Not only were they able to tap into Joveo’s vast network of global, local, niche, community, and DE&I publishers, all local entities could now use a single platform to distribute job ads on both performance and duration-based publishers. What’s more, the staffing agency could advertise their open requisitions on social media as well, to reach passive candidates.

The staffing agency also gained access to an analytics dashboard to monitor campaign performance and costs in real-time. Recruitment marketing leaders could now compare performance of live jobs across job sites and proactively make spend allocation decisions. Further, the firm employed campaign automation rules to optimize bids and enable/disable publishers.

In addition, the platform also helped the staffing agency break down silos between countries. Local entities could now benchmark themselves against global job advertising performance, as well as adopt best practices from other markets.

The staffing agency also opted to implement MOJO Go, a state-of-the-art recruiter OS, to improve recruiter productivity. With MOJO Go, recruiters could simultaneously create, edit, and post jobs on multiple job boards in local markets, at the click of the button. Furthermore, MOJO Go enabled the staffing agency to feed hiring goals into MOJO Pro, thereby enabling the programmatic platform to make more intelligent decisions.

Business Impact

  • Single, centralized platform for all data-driven recruitment media buying, on both pay-for-performance and duration-based publishers
  • Complete recruiter OS for quick multi-posting and adding goals into programmatic
  • Delivered more than 2 million applications in a year
  • 52% reduction in cost per application (CPA)
  • 50%+ recruiter time and resources saved
  • Increased collaboration and transparency between local entities