Manufacturing Recruiting

“We compete across industries for entry-level and technical talent: engineering, construction, and logistics. Plus, a lot of the workforce is close to retirement, which creates a skills gap. And tech advancements – especially automation – means that skill requirements change almost as quickly as we define them.”

What We Offer

Don’t worry, we’ve built just what you need!

Picture it: more great-fit candidates in your funnel, same budget (or less!). Our fully-integrated, AI-led platform makes it all happen – it’s not magic, just the power of data.

First, we help you optimize apps from free sources, like your career site and ATS. Then, we fine-tune your campaigns across paid channels, from job sites to social media, and search.

Then, get ready for mind-blowing results, supported all the while by your dedicated client strategist. Plus, our transparent approach gives you full visibility, so you can sit back and watch your ROI grow.

We’ve worked our magic for manufacturing behemoths, and we’re ready to make you the next success story! In fact, we promise:

More great-fit candidates
Less money for every application
In customer experience


Ring a Bell?

The Challenge

You spend money, but just aren’t getting the candidates you need. Plus, your recruiters are spending too much time filtering out poor-quality applications, rather than focusing on the best of the best. It’s time to take your game to the next level.

The Solution

Recruiters are often buried in piles of applications, trying to spot those great-fit candidates. It’s not a good use of their time, and time is money! Let our AI match your reqs with the right sources and audiences to meet your hiring goals. We’ll also help you weed out poor quality traffic, like bots or irrelevant candidates. What’s more, you’ll get a view on applicant quality across channels. The icing on the cake? Our AI will help you optimize your job titles and content!

The Challenge

Employers like you spend a lot of money on job ads, but still don’t meet your hiring goals a lot of the time. You need to find a way to get more people in the pipeline, make sure performance is more predictable, and drive the most important metric – hires. Let’s see what we can do about that…

The Solution

Very few job sites optimize for the important metrics, like number of hires or cost per hire. Our AI-driven media planner and trading engine is here to help shift dollars to the right sources – ones that deliver the most hires for the best cost. With us, your budget will automatically be allocated to the top performing sources, you can simplify your app process, and use down-the-funnel metrics to optimize.

The Challenge

If your recruiting team’s only using job boards to source candidates, you’re probably doing OK. But we know you can do better at getting your ads in front of people who aren’t actively looking. Did you know that a staggering two-thirds of potential candidates aren’t actively looking? They might be just the right folks for your reqs. Ready to get out there and meet folks where they live?

The Solution

We’re here to simplify the process for you. With us, you’ll be taking advantage of job-level targeting on social and display ads across more than two million websites! How’s that sound for reach?!

The Challenge

You get a ton of clicks, but very few applications. You’re posting on the sites that are right for you, but you can’t figure out what to do about that drop off rate. Well, we’ve got the fix you need.

The Solution

Most job applications are too long, and too much work. As a result, up to 90% of applicants may drop off. It’s time to optimize your application process and keep those great-fit candidates moving down the funnel using real-time conversion analytics and insights, from apply start to finish! That means simplifying your job app process, moving mandatory questions to the top, making login easier and enabling social logins, to name a few.

The Challenge

You’ve collected info from thousands (millions?) of candidates… they’re right there in your database, waiting to be discovered. BUT finding the right matches for your reqs ain’t easy. And sending generic, non-targeted messages probably isn’t going to get you what you want. It’s time to make the most of what you’ve got and reduce hiring costs!

The Solution

The key to making the most out of this untapped resource is to engage your talent community the right way – with personalized email sequences, texts, and recommendations. Make your database work for you, create great candidate experiences that convert like nobody’s business, and cut your media spend by up to 30%.

The Challenge

Are you spending too much time and money trying to fill job reqs without using analytics and insights? Despite your team’s best efforts, maybe you’re just not getting the right candidates – the ones that suit your org’s culture and values, with the skills you need. Enough is enough. Spend less, get the right candidates in your funnel, and make data driven decisions!

The Solution

We’ve got what you need: full funnel tracking. From impressions to clicks and applies, all the way to hiring, track performance for all media sources in one place. With predictive job-level insights, combined with industry talent supply-demand info, you’ll be seeing better ROI in no time!

The Challenge

You’ve done a great job with your employer brand, getting the right messages out on the right channels, so applicants can understand your culture and values. But, despite all of your best efforts, you still can’t quantify the ROI of your employer branding campaigns – specifically funnel conversions.

The Solution

With us, you’ll see the combined ROI of your efforts based on content engagement and conversions. You’ll also be attributing applications and hires to employer branding campaigns and channels! The icing on the cake? A single, consolidated invoice for your job advertising and employer branding campaigns.

Powering Manufacturing Recruitment Marketing Campaigns Globally

Customer Success Story

Inergroup, based in Texas, manages 58,000+ on-site employees around the world. Take a look at how they centralized and automated their processes. The end result? A 200% increase in applications and 75% reduction in job board spend. Shazam!

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Joveo simplifies our job advertising by allowing us to manage our job postings across all vendors from within one platform. The platform has streamlined our business allowing one person to manage all job advertising.

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