Our Client

Our client is a multinational manufacturing company, renowned as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technology. With a workforce exceeding 90,000 employees, our client stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence in their sectors.

The Challenge

Our client faced significant challenges in their talent attraction endeavors, despite strong brand recall and significant investment.

Firstly, they needed to broaden the reach of their online job ads to increase the supply of qualified candidates. This was crucial for acquiring the skilled professionals they needed to staff the innovative projects they’re known for and to maintain their position as a leading provider of technology.

Additionally, managing media buying and comparing performance across multiple job boards proved overwhelming for the client’s lean team. The team needed to find a way to manage and optimize their recruitment marketing campaigns and costs, and accurately measure performance in real-time.

These challenges underlined the need for a data-driven platform to enhance job advertising reach, attract skilled talent, and improve overall recruitment marketing efficiency.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro, our client is able to address their job distribution and recruitment media buying challenges.

MOJO Pro provides access to a network of thousands of job board partners, encompassing global, local, niche, and DE&I job boards, social media platforms, search engines, and options for slot-based and duration-based job postings. This expansive network ensured maximum reach and diversity in candidate sourcing, catering to our client’s hiring needs.

Additionally, MOJO Pro centralizes recruitment media buying and management, offering a single platform, team, and invoice, for all publisher interactions (including job boards). This simplified the process, reduced administrative burden, and enhanced cost control and efficiency.

Furthermore, Joveo’s Unified Analytics dashboard provides a real-time transparent view into hiring outcomes and costs across all job boards. Presented in a single-pane interface, this empowers the client with actionable insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and optimizing recruitment marketing strategies for better hiring outcomes.

Business Impact

  • 10K+ applications delivered per month
  • 17% reduction in cost per application
  • 100% media bought, managed, and tracked via Joveo, and consolidated into a single invoice