About Our Client

Based in Irving, Texas, with a dedicated team of 100+ employees, Inergroup manages over 58,000 on-site employees globally. They stand out as a leader in process management solutions, primarily in manufacturing and distribution. Their commitment to improving processes and delivering efficient, quality solutions has established them as a trusted partner in their industry.

The Challenge

Inergroup’s recruiters were bogged down with manually creating and posting job listings on various platforms. This inefficiency was a significant drain on their resources, taking time away from other critical recruitment activities, and impacting the quality of their output.

For one, recruiters were forgetting to remove outdated postings. This oversight caused unnecessary job board expenses, contributing to a high (and unmonitored) spend, without a clear return on investment.

Second, job postings created by Inergroup’s team varied greatly, with content dependent on individual writing ability and style. As a result, they failed to attract suitable candidates and the postings reflected poorly on Inergroup’s professional image.

Finally, absence of a centralized system meant there was no visibility into posting performance. Inergroup lacked the necessary data to make informed decisions about their recruitment strategy, hindering their ability to optimize and improve their processes.

To address these challenges, Inergroup started looking out for platforms to streamline their recruitment process, enhance the quality of job postings, control costs more effectively, and enable data-driven decision-making.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro, Joveo’s AI-driven programmatic job advertising platform, Inergroup was able to centralize their job posting process, significantly reducing the manual workload for recruiters. This meant a more efficient use of time and resources, streamlining the entire recruitment process.

With Joveo, Inergroup was also able to gain valuable insights from data analytics, enabling them to make more informed decisions. Visibility into job posting performance allowed for strategic adjustments, leading to reduced recruitment costs.

Joveo’s geo-targeting and job expansion tools also allowed Inergroup to broaden their reach, attracting a larger and more relevant pool of candidates quickly and efficiently. This was crucial for Inergroup in meeting client needs and increasing applicant flow.

In situations where Inergroup encountered integration challenges between their applicant tracking system and job boards, Joveo not only identified the issues but also actively provided solutions, standing out as a collaborative and solution-focused partner.

The cherry on top? A streamlined dashboard transforming Inergroup’s recruitment management, consolidating it into an intuitive, single-point interface for greater ease of use.

Business Impact

  • Witnessed a remarkable 200% increase in applications
  • Decreased job board spend by 75%
  • Streamlined postings with minimal errors
  • Unmatched simplicity: sleek, unified dashboard by Joveo, streamlining Inergroup’s recruitment management into a single, user-friendly interface