About Our Client

Specializing in high-volume hiring and renowned for its state-of-the-art cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS), our client helps businesses of all sizes optimize and streamline their recruitment processes. Headquartered in the US, with offices in Europe and Asia, they cater to customers spanning diverse sectors across more than 75 countries.

The Challenge

Looking to improve their customers’ reach, our client began distributing jobs on social media for their ATS users. While outside their core competency, it was a valuable offering! However, the manual process of posting large numbers of jobs on social channels turned out to be quite a challenge.

For one, they needed to create ad copy for each job and social channel – 20+ markets and 20+ audience types – leading to delays in distribution. Tracking and adjustments were also done manually, hindering their ability to optimize ad performance. As a result, clients often overshot their cost-per-application (CPA) goals.

To address these challenges – delays in ad copy creation, manual distribution and optimization, and high CPAs – our client recognized the need to partner with a technology solution that could provide the right capabilities.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Social, the only social, search, and display advertising solution with job-level targeting, our client was not only able to automate job distribution on social channels, but also track campaign performance in real time.

Once the job feed from the client was ingested by MOJO Social, jobs were immediately segmented into 20+ job groups and aligned with the appropriate regions. Our client was also able to assign budgets to each job group with the click of a button and control the pace at which the budget was spent, in line with their hiring strategy.

Designing creatives also got a lot easier. MOJO Social provided a streamlined process for developing collateral and recording client approval, before automatically distributing the copy. Further, to ensure their job ads reached the right audience in the right market, MOJO Social utilized demographic, behavioral, and job-level targeting. Our client was then able to monitor campaign performance at a job group level across social channels and, when necessary, shift budget from one job group to another or from one channel to another.

Thanks to accelerated ad creation, automated distribution, precision targeting, and dynamic budget allocation among job groups, MOJO Social not only streamlined our client’s social media job ad distribution process, but also helped achieve a 79% reduction in CPAs and a 16% improvement in apply-to-hire rates.

Business Impact

  • 79% decrease in cost per application
  • 16% improvement in apply-to-hire rates
  • On-time design and deployment of creatives
  • Centralized dashboard for tracking performance all social channels in real time
  • Improved focus on core business