About Oliver Raine

Oliver Raine is an established resourcing agency in the UK that works with a range of organizations, from small care home groups and charities through to large corporations.

They help clients with their recruitment challenges by delivering resourcing solutions, a range of RPO and interim solutions, and by selecting and buying the best media.

Some of its clients include Sanctuary Group, Hallmark Care Homes, Westfield, HCA Hospitals, and News UK.

The Challenge

With an increasing client base, manual management of multiple campaigns across several media sources was:

  1. Resulting in erroneous reporting and analysis
  2. Time-consuming, thereby adversely affecting productivity
  3. Hindering the use of data to inform campaign management and optimization decisions

The Joveo Solution

Joveo’s advanced programmatic job advertising platform enabled Oliver Raine to:

  1. Run high-volume recruitment campaigns for their clients easily
  2. Manage all of their recruitment media on a single dashboard across all of their sources
  3. Expand and optimize the job titles and locations of their clients’ jobs, thereby enhancing reach and tapping into newer talent pools
  4. Embrace and adopt a data-driven approach to recruitment marketing

Business Impact

  1. Over-delivered on one of their clients’ goals by 19%: delivering 6,000 applications across 14 sites in the UK
  2. Significantly improved ROI on their recruitment advertising across all clients
  3. Accurate and hassle-free reporting to their clients on their campaign performance as well as the performance across all publishers
  4. Media-agnostic and independent recruitment media buying and management decisions
By bringing Joveo into the company, it allowed us to collaborate all of the information into one dashboard, which helped us manage client performance, honor their jobs and really deliver results for our clients.
Chrissy Porter
Client Director
Oliver Raine

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