Our Client

Our client is a leading job placement and career-building resource. Specializing in connecting employers to skilled labor across multiple industries, it boasts a workforce of over 268,000 professionals operating in 22 locations globally. In total, our client offers expertise in over 105 service categories, making it a trusted partner for both employers and skilled laborers seeking opportunities and career growth.

The Challenge

Our client struggled to source enough high-quality gig workers. Despite being an industry leader, the client faced difficulties in finding skilled professionals who meet its stringent standards for expertise and reliability. This posed a significant obstacle to fulfilling the demands of its clients and maintaining operational efficiency.

Secondly, the client had observed an increase in costs when it came to using alternative sources to attract job applicants. Higher costs without a proportional improvement in candidate quality strained the client’s budget and operational resources.

Additionally, the lower quality of these leads meant a higher cost per hire. Inefficiency in the recruitment process not only impacted the client’s bottom line, but also hampered their ability to secure top talent within budget.

The client needed to improve its quality and quantity of gig workers while simultaneously optimizing recruitment costs.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro, our client was able to optimize their recruitment process while enhancing overall performance and cost-effectiveness.

Firstly, the client’s cost per application (CPA) challenge was addressed by optimizing job title expansions. By using targeted job title expansions, the client boosted reach and attracted a wider pool of qualified candidates, ensuring that it got more value without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, MOJO Pro provided visibility into the performance and costs of all recruitment sources. This level of transparency empowered it to make data-driven decisions, optimize its recruitment strategies, and allocate resources more effectively based on real-time insights.

Business Impact

  • 60% improvement in apply-to-hire conversion
  • More qualified applications (better apply to hire conversion) compared to all their other candidate sources
  • 0% volatility in cost per application – fixed CPA