The Challenge

A large US-headquartered IT services and business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, with an annual revenue of $4 billion and close to 70,000 employees, was looking to hire up to 500 remote inbound sales/service advisors in the US. Initially, they needed to source 100 applications per day within an overall budget of approximately $40,000 a month. 

The company was initially working with one of the world’s leading staffing firms to drive its recruiting efforts. When testing the mix of talent sources, the firm found that while they received a large volume of applicants, costs were exceedingly high ($25).

The staffing firm was on the lookout for alternative approaches to meet the aggressive applicant volume goals set by its client, without compromising on the relevance of applicants or increasing sourcing costs. The solution would also need to easily scale up or down, as hiring needs changed. 

To address these challenges, the staffing firm opted to power their recruitment advertising campaigns via Joveo, the firm’s programmatic job advertising platform of choice.

The Joveo Solution

Joveo rolled out its programmatic job advertising platform to source job applicants for the BPO firm across 40 states in the US, using the MOJO Ad Exchange. This ensured that job ads were distributed automatically across only those sources that yielded a high volume of applicants at a relatively low cost.

The platform also ensured that the recruitment advertising budget was optimally allocated across these sources for maximum ROI.

Joveo’s title optimization capability was used to expand the job title to also include alternatives which, in turn, drove a large volume of traffic to the job posting. For example, the original job title “Inbound Sales/Service Advisors – Work from Home” was expanded to include alternatives such as “Customer Service Advisor – Remote,” “Customer Service Representative – Work from Home,” “Customer Care Advisor,” and many others.

In addition, Joveo’s platform tracked job seekers across the entire recruitment marketing funnel, from when they clicked on the job ad to when they were hired. Job ad placement and performance were continuously optimized using down-the- funnel metrics, such as hires (not just clicks or applies).

Business Impact: 

  • 500+ applications delivered each day within three months of initiating the campaigns, in support of the BPO firm’s increasingly aggressive hiring needs
  • Up to 60% improvement in the weekly average cost per applicant (CPA), from $25 at the beginning of the campaign, to as low as $9 in a few weeks
  • Up to 400% increase in the volume of applicants due to job title optimization
  • Opportunity to optimize job advertising performance even further, with down-the-funnel data on hires