About Life Time

Life Time, a wellness pioneer, is reshaping the way consumers approach their health, integrating where users move, work, live, and play– digitally and physically. Their primary objective is to help people lead healthy and happy lives. With more than 150 destinations in 41 major markets across the U.S. and Canada, Life Time operates luxury athletic resorts, as well as owning and producing iconic athletic events.

The Challenge

Life Time’s recruitment marketing team was tasked with managing the talent acquisition needs of hundreds of the company’s clubs across the U.S. Prior to partnering with Joveo, talent acquisition teams at each club were required to send individual emails requesting jobs be posted on specific job sites manually. The corporate recruitment marketing team was challenged with fielding dozens of these requests each day.

Adding to the complexity, Life Time regularly needed to hire for highly-competitive and hard-to-fill positions in the fitness category (personal trainers, Pilates instructors, lifeguards, etc.).

Life Time soon realised their process was arduous, time-consuming, and unscalable. They were on the lookout for a programmatic provider and partner to help scale their job advertising reach, as well as optimise their recruitment operations.

The Joveo Solution

Joveo’s programmatic job advertising platform integrated seamlessly with Life Time’s Workday Application Tracking System (ATS) to streamline individual clubs’ requests for jobs to be advertised. The Joveo team helped Life Time build a simple request form, through which field recruiters could easily place their requests via Workday.

Joveo’s technology also enabled Life Time to amplify the reach of their hard-to-fill jobs with the use of job title optimisation and geo-expansion. With title optimisations, Life Time could layer on a large number of additional job titles for a job, which are likely to have better keyword synergy than the original job title. For example, an original job title of “Personal Trainer” would automatically be expanded to include variations such as “Fitness Coach”,“Fitness Trainer”, “Athletic Trainer,” and more.

Geo-expansions on the Joveo platform enabled Life Time to increase the number of locations a job was advertised in, to also include nearby locations.

Business Impact

  1. Hundreds of hours were saved by optimizing the process of individual clubs requesting jobs to be advertised across selected channels.
  2. Higher traffic and job applications for hard-to-fill positions such as personal trainers, Pilates instructors, and lifeguards.
  3. Visibility into the performance of key recruitment advertising metrics such as cost per application (CPA) and click to apply (CTA) rates across all channels, even at regional and department levels.
Life Time has a lot of challenging positions to hire, such as personal trainers, Pilates instructors, lifeguards, etc. So, if one of our jobs isn’t getting enough applications, the Joveo support team can jump in and amplify my jobs to additional job titles that might have better keyword synergy than our original job titles, or expand our jobs to additional markets where candidates might live. Joveo has helped change the game for Life Time!
Ryan Affolter
Manager,Recruitment Marketing
Life Time Inc.

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