About Our Client

Our client, a prominent multinational gig employer headquartered in the US, has successfully helped millions of people find work. To address their expanding recruitment requirements, it’s crucial for them to access large talent pools – particularly in areas close to gig opportunities. In order to access great-fit job seekers in these micro markets, they require a highly-sophisticated job advertising product.

The Challenge

The gig employer traditionally sourced candidates from popular job boards, but they were unable to push job ads to hyper-local candidates. Their hiring funnel was choked by high volumes of low-intent candidates, resulting in a high cost-per-hire ratio. As they grew and the demand for workers picked up, the gig employer realized they needed to tap into sources that accurately targeted local talent if they were going to maintain their momentum and keep job advertising budgets in check.

Enter Craigslist, a well-known job posting site with a deep reach into micro markets across the US and around the world. But, while Craigslist was a great choice for connecting with local talent, there were quite a few challenges.

First, it takes a recruiter at least five minutes to post one job. Since they were posting multiple jobs across hundreds of locations, recruiters ended up shifting their focus away from screening candidates in order to post jobs on Craigslist. On top of posting the original listing, job ads must be rotated frequently in order to keep them at the top of the relevant webpage and catch candidates’ attention. Given the team’s bandwidth and tedious nature of the job, this was not done as frequently as it should have been. Moreover, the recruiters had zero experience with HTML. As a result, the job posts didn’t reflect the brand and were sometimes poorly formatted.

While the gig employer’s experiment with Craigslist helped them understand its potential for tapping into high-intent local talent, the results were a far cry from meeting their expectations.

They were not able to post and rotate ads as quickly as needed, recruiter productivity spiraled downwards, and the quality of posts was not on the mark. As a result, their cost per apply (and hence cost per hire) were way above targets. Encouraged by the promise of reaching high-intent talent on Craigslist, the management decided it was time to introduce a product dedicated to automating Craigslist job postings.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO CraigGenie, Joveo’s automated Craigslist posting tool for jobs, the gig employer was able to publish hundreds of job postings in thousands of locations across the US within minutes. This eliminated the painstaking, 100% manual effort of posting each job individually in every location. Moreover, the team could easily upload brand imagery, design great looking posts, and preview them – without HTML experience. Consequently, the gig employer’s advertisements had a professional appearance and conformed to brand guidelines, resulting in a higher number of applications

Furthermore, MOJO CraigGenie’s efficient job category management ensured that ads were placed in the appropriate locations and categories. This resulted in higher-quality applications and a lower cost per hire. And, with access to a real-time dashboard, recruiters were able to track clicks, applications, and hires and strategically rotate jobs.

Business Impact

  • 67% decrease in cost per hire by posting jobs on Craigslist via CraigGenie, compared with manual posting
  • 60% of all gig hires are now sourced from Craigslist
  • 27% more high-intent talent sourced through Craigslist, as opposed to popular job boards
  • Full funnel tracking, from click to hire, and all stages in between
  • Promoting employer brand by including corporate-approved imagery in job postings