Our Client

With a rich history dating back more than 50 years, our client has grown into one of the largest and most iconic quick service restaurant (QSR) chains the world over. It currently operates in 100+ countries and employs more than 350,000 workers.

The Challenge

Our client faced several significant challenges in its recruitment efforts, particularly concerning the hiring of part-time delivery drivers. One of the most pressing issues was the need to fill these positions within a strict time frame – just 15 days from the announcement of a new vacancy! This tight deadline placed considerable pressure on the recruitment process, requiring the team to swiftly identify, attract, and source relevant candidates.

Moreover, they were confronted with a high cost per application (CPA) of $40 for hiring delivery drivers (which was considerably more than industry benchmarks). This high CPA was primarily attributed to the use of sub-optimal job titles such as “Driver” that may not have effectively resonated with potential candidates or convey the specific requirements of the role. Additionally, their recruitment campaigns were not fully optimized, leading to inefficient spending on the wrong job boards and lower returns on investment.

Addressing these challenges required a comprehensive approach to refining job titles, optimizing recruitment channels for maximum return on ad spend (read, more qualified candidates for a lower cost), and streamlining processes.

The Joveo Solution

With a combination of AI-powered job advertising and title optimization, Joveo tackled the client’s talent attraction challenges head-on.

First, MOJO Pro, Joveo’s AI-led programmatic job advertising solution, allocated our client’s job advertising dollars to relevant, high-quality sources ideal for reaching delivery drivers, while weeding out poor traffic. Secondly, the solution employed generative AI to enhance job titles and incorporate location-specific targeting. This ensured that job descriptions were optimized to attract qualified candidates while expanding geographically targeted campaigns to reach potential hires in key nearby areas.

Furthermore, MOJO Social provided the client a way to reach qualified job seekers on social and search marketing platforms. By fine-tuning recruitment media, the client maximized reach and engagement, leading to improved candidate quality and reduced CPAs.

Business Impact

  • 80% decrease in cost per application
  • 50% reduction in time to hire