About Our Client

Mindfield, a leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm, excels in finding the best front-line workers for world-renowned brands in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. With a compact team of 50 dedicated recruiters, their goal is to swiftly identify ideal candidates, ensuring a robust talent pipeline for their diverse client base.

The Challenge

The RPO firm’s lean team relied heavily on a single, major job publisher for sourcing candidates. This approach worked well for easy-to-fill roles, but it faltered for more challenging positions and certain locations. The suggested solution was always the same: increase the budget to reach more candidates. But, with already high costs per application (CPAs), this wasn’t a feasible option.

At times, managing even their one publisher was a challenge. For example, unexpected dips in applications often went unnoticed for certain roles and Mindfield wasn’t notified about the anomalous behavior. This made honoring targets difficult.

Additionally, their intricate segmentation strategy based on customer type and ease of filling a position made creating custom reports from the publisher’s system a daunting task. Constantly tweaking these reports due to ever-evolving business needs only added to the complexity, delaying critical strategy adjustments.

Mindfield decided to branch out and work with multiple publishers but the time required to manage multiple publishers, hold them accountable, gather data on a regular basis, reconcile numbers, and process invoices, was too much for this lean operations team.

The Joveo Solution

MOJO Pro, Joveo’s AI-driven job advertising platform enabled the Mindfield firm to expand its reach across 10+ publishers. Diversification meant better coverage for tough-to-fill roles and geographies. Plus, Joveo eliminated the need for daily check-ins about missed goals and budget splits, simplifying the firm’s advertising efforts.

The platform’s intelligent algorithms automatically and efficiently allocated budgets across different job categories and publishers, based on up-to-the-minute data. This approach not only saved time but also reduced the CPA for challenging positions.

MOJO Pro’s customizable, instant reporting also gave back valuable hours once spent on manual data crunching. The platform’s adaptability meant that even with a dynamic segmentation strategy, leadership could easily generate tailored reports, aiding swift and informed decision-making.

The bonus? A single, unified invoice each month, simplifying billing and vendor management.

Business Impact

  • 50%+ jobs transitioned from hard-to-fill to easy-to-fill categories
  • 20% decrease in overall CPAs
  • 10-fold increase in the number of publishers
  • Effortless access to custom reports, aligning with the dynamic nature of job segmentation
  • Data-driven, automatic budget allocation between job groups and publishers
  • Unmatched simplicity: A single, comprehensive platform for all recruitment advertising, accompanied by one consolidated invoice