About HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

HealthTrust Workforce Solutions is the staffing arm of HCA Healthcare, the largest healthcare provider in the U.S. Over the course of nearly 30 years, HealthTrust has connected hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals to employment opportunities in their field of choice.

As a preferred partner to more than 1,500 hospitals and healthcare institutions, HealthTrust currently provides first-priority employment opportunities to more than 200,000 jobs across the country.

The Challenge

HealthTrust was looking for a way to determine and compare the performance and cost of each of their talent sources in real time. Prior to Joveo, tracking and reporting was a manual exercise, executed via spreadsheets. They also had specific tracking modules for each of their sources. This approach was cumbersome, time and resource intensive, and prone to errors, but it was the only approach they knew.

In addition, HealthTrust couldn’t conduct a valid comparison for each source (job sites/publishers) in terms of the hiring outcomes and metrics they cared about. Without real-time visibility and clarity on performance across sources, they were not able to optimize their campaigns, ultimately resulting in sub-optimal ROI on their recruitment media spend.

To address these challenges, HealthTrust wanted a source-neutral partner that could help consolidate recruitment media management, tracking, and reporting in a single platform. This would be used for world-class campaign execution and objective, data-driven decision making.

The Joveo Solution

Joveo helped HealthTrust deploy a programmatic job distribution engine that enabled them to manage and track all recruitment advertising campaigns, across multiple sources (job sites/publishers), in a single platform. Within a year, Joveo went from being one of multiple sources HealthTrust used, to the source of truth for candidate sourcing and growth.

With Joveo’s centralized dashboard, HealthTrust could compare performance and costs across all candidate sources, from click to hire. Furthermore, it helped the HealthTrust team understand which jobs and sources performed the best (and the worst) and where their ROI comes from.

Furthermore, the dashboard also helped identify opportunities for optimization and improvement in real-time. Proactively identifying and acting on these opportunities resulted in significantly more clicks, applications, and improved conversion rates, as well as better brand visibility.

Business Impact

  1. Centralized location for tracking performance and costs across all sources, from click to hire
  2. Ability to measure and demonstrate ROI in real time, across all talent sources
  3. 23% increase in the number of applicants during the pandemic
  4. Up to 47% decrease in the cost per placement
  5. Significant reduction in time to fill
It’s really great to be able to see all of our sources in one central location – really helps us to understand where we’re getting the most bang for our buck, where our ROI is coming in from. The other thing that I love is the track-to-hire feature.
Michael Swift
Director, Recruitment Marketing
HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

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