About Our Client

Based in Brussels, Belgium, Jobat is a leading job board which attracts over 60,000 active job seekers daily. Renowned for capturing unique profile data, they use this to set job campaigns across a network of 50 channels, offering customers high visibility and quality applications. Jobat also effectively harnesses social media and partnerships with key sites and newspapers, ensuring broad reach for employer branding and vacancies.

The Challenge

Jobat’s performance team, comprising around 15 members, was tasked with distributing job postings across a vast media network. This process was extremely labor-intensive, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a considerable amount of time, which could have been utilized for more strategic tasks.

The manual handling of job campaigns across multiple channels led to inefficiencies that hindered the team’s productivity. Furthermore, the time-consuming nature of the process impacted the team’s ability to engage deeply with customers, potentially affecting overall satisfaction.

Jobat needed a solution to streamline their operations, making the job posting process more efficient and allowing their team to focus on enhancing customer interactions and campaign quality.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro, Joveo’s AI-driven programmatic job advertising platform, Jobat was able to realize a significant improvement in their operational efficiency. The result was a 15-25% boost in the efficiency of campaign setups, streamlining the process for the team and reducing the effort required for deployment across the media network.

The time saved with Joveo allowed Jobat’s performance marketers to invest more quality time into customer interactions. This deeper engagement helped them better understand customer needs and expectations, leading to more effective job campaign assistance.

The integration of Joveo’s AI technology also played a crucial role in optimizing the financial performance of Jobat’s job campaigns. This optimization made Jobat more competitive in the Belgian market, particularly in terms of financial efficiency and the efficacy of job campaigns.

The final flourish? Joveo’s also enabled a sleek real-time reporting tool, giving Jobat a cutting-edge edge in tracking and managing job campaign performance.

 Business Impact

  • Improved campaign setup efficiency by up to 25%
  • Enabled quality interactions with customers, resulting in tailored job campaigns
  • Optimized the financial performance of job campaigns making Jobat more competitive in the Belgian market
  • Faster multi-posting across channels and a user-friendly, informative dashboard