About Our Client

Our client, a staffing agency specializing in healthcare recruitment, is a go-to name for top employers across the United States. With a team of 150+ recruiters working out of offices across the nation, they have helped hospitals and life sciences companies fill clinical and non-clinical positions throughout the country.

The Challenge

The healthcare staffing agency was looking for a cutting-edge technology platform to distribute their job ads. The goal? To keep their sourcing funnel full and stay competitive. While the agency was already working with a programmatic job advertising partner, the incumbent platform was struggling to deliver on two key metrics: volume and quality of applications.

Since the start of COVID-19, the agency had struggled to meet the high demand for healthcare professionals (especially nurses), but they simply could not meet their clients’ placement needs. Not only were they risking the reputation they had painstakingly built over two decades, there was a serious possibility of losing business to the competition.

Poor quality was another problem the staffing agency grappled with. Truck drivers and executive assistants were applying to clinical positions without reading through the job description. While this meant the incumbent programmatic platform’s cost per application (CPA) was low, poor-quality applicants meant the cost per placement was unhealthily high. This had a direct impact on the staffing agency’s bottom line. Large numbers of candidates with irrelevant qualifications and experience contributed to recruiter burnout.

The staffing agency tried to address these problems with their incumbent platform over the course of several quarters, but failed. As a result, the management team decided to look at alternative solutions – their leadership position in healthcare staffing must be maintained.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro – Joveo’s AI-powered programmatic job advertising solution – the healthcare staffing agency was able to distribute their jobs to a robust network of large and niche job sites across the US. Now able to more effectively focus on sites that specialize in healthcare roles, they reached a much wider candidate pool.

Further, to increase click-to-apply conversions, Joveo worked with publishers with high click volumes to enable easy apply functionality. With easy apply in place, candidates could now submit applications in just a few clicks, without having to visit the apply page on the agency’s site.

To help improve the quality of applications even more, MOJO Pro’s AI engine ensured job ads were seen by candidates within a certain radius from the workplace. In addition, relevant screening questions were added to filter for great-fit, high-intent candidates. By screening potential candidates for relevant experience and their proximity to the position, Joveo was able to deliver higher quality applications than the incumbent, resulting in a 78% reduction in cost per placement.

Furthermore, Joveo’s commitment to customer delight meant that stringent SLAs were unfailingly met. Joveo’s highly responsive and accessible customer support function resolved most of the healthcare staffing agency’s issues in a few hours, compared with the incumbent’s standard turnaround of several days.

By increasing application traffic, reducing cost per placement and providing top-notch customer support, the agency reduced its cost per placement by 78%. They are now able to consistently deliver a high volume of quality applications, honoring their client commitments. As a result, Joveo has become their partner of choice.

Business Impact

  • 65% reduction in cost per application in 6 months
  • 78% reduction in cost per placement in 6 months
  • Stable and predictable application volume
  • Reduction in screening effort on the agency’s end owing to high-quality (pre-screened and relevant) candidate traffic delivered
  • Support for both complete ATS apply and easy apply across the publisher (job site) network