Our Client

With a dedicated team of 40+ employees, our client manages a nationwide logistics network specializing in time-critical freight. Their commitment to on-time delivery – even during severe weather events – has established them as a trusted partner for industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.

The Challenge

Our client operates three strategically located terminals in the country. They were encountering significant hurdles in their talent attraction efforts, particularly for specialized driving positions including reefers, flatbeds, and hazmat. These challenges were not just about filling positions but finding the right talent capable of meeting the specific demands of these roles. The terminals collectively faced an alarming average vacancy rate of over 20%, underscoring the magnitude of their recruiting dilemma.

The specialized nature of these positions required candidates with specific skills and certifications – and searching for suitable applicants was challenging. This situation was further compounded by the competitive job market, where qualified drivers had numerous employment options, leaving our client in a tough spot to attract and retain the talent needed to sustain and grow their operations.

The Joveo Solution

With Joveo’s AI-powered programmatic job advertising platform, our client enhanced their job seeker reach, improved targeting to hireable candidates, and optimized their talent attraction funnel with learnings from down-funnel data. They launched ads targeting both active and passive job seekers on job boards and social channels – within a 25-mile radius of each terminal – ensuring they reached qualified candidates nearby. This approach widened their talent pool, drawing in applicants best suited for their specialized roles.

Simultaneously, our client leveraged AI-led job content optimization to fine-tune job titles, directly improving the clickthrough rates of their ads. Coupled with automated volume and cost optimization based on down-funnel data, they enhanced their talent attraction efficiency. In other words, they saw a significant uptick in qualified leads while reducing overall spending on paid media. Net net, our client not only met but exceeded their recruiting objectives, proving that a strategic blend of targeted job seeker outreach, job content optimization, and analytics can transform hiring outcomes.

Business Impact

  • 17% reduction in cost per hire
  • 20% reduction in vacancies in the first six months
  • Increased job seeker reach
  • Predictive and actionable analytics and insights