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We offer a usage-based pricing model. With Joveo, you pay a small fixed platform fee every month, in addition to a percentage of your recruitment media spend.

With some of our solutions, we also offer success-based pricing, where you only pay for the outcomes you truly care about – applications, job offers, or hires.

Cost Advantages of Programmatic Job Media Buying via Joveo

Receive transparent, real-time insights into your spend, click volume, application volume, number of hires, as well as CPC, CTA, CPA, and CPH metrics across all your digital candidate sources – job sites, search engines, social media – by job category, location, and individual job. This end-to-end visibility gives your recruitment marketing and talent acquisition teams more control over budgets and spend than ever before.

As our platform powers more than 20 million jobs each day, we have significant media buying power. Due to our scale, we acquire media at a much lower cost compared to what a single direct employer or agency can accomplish – and we pass on these savings to our clients.

In addition, our ad operations team closely monitors your results across both pay-for-performance and traditional pay-per-post job sites, to identify underperforming media. The robust data we collect on individual job site performance can be used to negotiate rates and provides an outstanding leverage to reduce your costs.

Eliminate operational and billing complexity by consolidating your invoicing and transacting with a single entity – us – even as you purchase media across hundreds of publishers.

Our intelligence identifies bot clicks, foreign clicks, and other actions that adversely impact your marketing cost. We ensure you don’t get charged for bad traffic and in turn, improve your hiring and cost outcomes. With Joveo, you are only paying for real human job seekers.

As you buy more recruitment media through the Joveo platform, we offer volume based discounts to help offset your costs as your needs increase.

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