About Our Client

Our client, a global gig economy platform operating in 50+ countries, connects more than two million temporary and short-term job seekers with work. To keep up with their constantly growing, high-volume recruiting needs, it’s important for them to reach large and diverse candidate pools across both active and passive sources. This requires a reliable programmatic job advertising platform, which can handle their scale and agility requirements.

The Challenge

The gig platform was experiencing multiple challenges with their incumbent programmatic job advertising partner.

They were not able to source candidates and fill positions at a speed that could meet their growth targets. At the same time, their large enterprise clients wanted to ramp up quickly. Not just that, their cost-per-first-shift metrics were consistently higher than what was sustainable.

Applicant data captured by their ATS differed wildly from the applicant data reported on their programmatic platform. This mismatch also meant their programmatic platform was making decisions based on inaccurate data.

Finally, the incumbent programmatic platform lacked click-to-first-shift funnel tracking. Not having a transparent view of the entire recruiting funnel meant the gig platform could not optimize their sourcing strategy to reduce drop-offs and maximize conversions.

To fix this problem, the gig platform dabbled with posting directly on job boards. However, without the right tools to optimize bids, historical data on best-performing titles, or experience with location expansions, they were not successful. In other words, they continued to miss their growth targets, fell short of required candidate volumes, and suffered from high costs per first shift.

Given all of the above, the gig platform was looking to replace their incumbent programmatic platform.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro – Joveo’s AI-powered programmatic job advertising solution – the gig platform expanded their reach across both active and passive sources, without compromising on cost efficiency.

With robust server-to-server integrations with their ATS, they could now use the MOJO platform as their single source of truth for all job advertising. Equipped with accurate data, MOJO Pro leveraged machine learning, business rules, and campaign automations to spend budgets with precision on publishers (sources) where they got the maximum return on ad spend, especially on down-funnel metrics such as number of first shifts and cost per first shift. As a result, they saw more sign ups and first shifts at a lower cost.

In addition, with title optimizations and location expansions suggested by generative AI and backed by data across millions of similar jobs advertised by Joveo, the gig employer saw better conversion rates from their job content, while constantly A/B testing for better outcomes.

Furthermore, with the ability to track performance at every stage, from click to first shift, the gig platform was able to identify and optimize weak links in their talent sourcing process, which were leading to high candidate drop-offs.

Net-net, with MOJO Pro, the gig platform is now not only able to meet its aggressive sourcing (growth) targets, but has also succeeded in bringing down its cost per first shift.

Business Impact

  • 83% increase in number of first shifts
  • 45% reduction in cost per first shift
  • 42% reduction in cost per sign up (cost per applicant)
  • A single source of truth for all of their job advertising, integrated with their ATS
  • Data-driven budget allocation between campaigns and publishers, based on business rules – delivering the best outcomes and return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Full funnel tracking, from click to hire, and all stages in between