About Our Client

Our client, a leading US-based auto insurance company, has over 10 million policyholders and 20 million insured vehicles, making it one of the largest auto insurers in the US. With over $25 billion in assets, this 25,000+ employee company with offices across the US is ranked among America’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune. To enhance its employee-friendly image and boost its click to apply conversion, our client wanted to reduce friction in its candidate application process.

The Challenge

Candidates who discovered open positions with the auto insurance company were led to an applicant tracking system (ATS) page to complete their applications. The ATS forced candidates without an account to sign-up in order to proceed with their application. The compulsory sign-up requirement resulted in high drop-offs.

Candidates who went past the sign-up stage, were greeted with the ATS’s cumbersome native interface. This included a lengthy multi-page application form with numerous mandatory fields, leading to a poor user experience and even more drop-offs.

The substantial number of drop-offs between the initial click and application completion resulted in high cost per application (CPAs) and slowed down the hiring process. To address these challenges, the management decided to explore third-party solutions.

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Apply, the highest-converting job application optimization solution, the auto insurer was able to simplify the application process despite rigidity introduced by their ATS.

MOJO Apply allowed candidates to bypass mandatory sign-up requirements, eliminated sign-up friction, and encouraged more candidates to initiate the application process.

Moreover, the many optimizations offered by MOJO Apply provided candidates with a seamless application experience. Now, candidates could effortlessly upload their resumes and the details were automatically filled into the application form. Additionally, by dropping irrelevant fields from the original form, the application length was cut down by more than a third. The solution’s retargeting feature also proved beneficial in bringing candidates back to the application form.

Business Impact

  • 221% increase in click-to-apply ratio
  • 40% reduction in CPA
  • 35% reduction in application length
  • Providing smooth candidate experience despite ATS rigidity
  • Strengthening the company’s employee-friendly brand image
  • Improving speed-to-hire