Our client, an American financial services institution and one of the largest banks in the world, operates in 10+ countries and serves more than 70 million customers across thousands of branches. In order to attract great-fit talent for their more than 5,000 jobs worldwide, it’s critical to have the right technology stack.

The Challenge

The organization’s lean recruitment marketing team – responsible for managing job advertising and recruitment media buying in more than 10 countries – was overstretched.  Media buying was manual and involved communicating with a multitude of job boards and agencies, using different currencies. In addition, they were constantly back and forth, negotiating performance benchmarks, ensuring jobs were posted correctly, measuring outcomes, providing feedback, and more. Reconciling invoices at the end of each cycle was a nightmare. 

Furthermore, comparing performance of live postings across job boards in real-time was not possible – and reporting requests from the business were frequent. First, the data had to be gathered from each job board in their proprietary format. It then had to be aggregated, but not before converting financial data into the preferred currency of the business leader. By the time the analysis was finally done, the insights were no longer actionable.  

Even if data on performance had been usable, they were not able to pause or suspend spends on non-performing job boards and shift budgets to high-performing ones in real-time. This often meant suboptimal returns. And, to top it off, adding new high-performing job boards to the mix was not easy. Because of the organization’s stringent vendor onboarding process, adding a new publisher took anywhere from four to nine months!

For the leaders of this lean recruitment marketing team, the situation was not sustainable – instead of devoting much-needed time to strategic initiatives, they were forced to focus all their time and energy on day-to-day operations. 

The Joveo Solution

With MOJO Pro – Joveo’s programmatic job advertising platform – the financial institution consolidated all of their recruitment media buying. Job advertising and media buying could be done across the globe, in any local currency, from within MOJO.

Getting access to new recruitment media sources for additional candidates also became extremely easy with Joveo’s global network of publishers. Recruitment marketing leaders could add new options to their mix without having to go through a lengthy vendor selection and onboarding process. 

Furthermore, with MOJO Pro, talent acquisition leaders had access to a real-time centralized dashboard to track campaign performance and jobs, as well as do an apples-to-apples comparison of key metrics across publishers. This meant that they had the information and ability to alter sourcing strategies and drive better performance. In addition, reports could also be generated in just a few clicks, in any chosen local currency. 

Invoicing also became painless, with a trusted platform that sent them a single invoice every month for all global activities.

With Joveo, the talent acquisition leadership was now able to invest time and energy into strategic planning and initiatives, leaving the day-to-day with their trusted team.

Business Impact

  • Single centralized solution for media bidding and buying for the bank’s entire recruitment marketing budget worldwide
  • 23% year-on-year reduction in CPA. This was driven by a 17% increase in sponsored applications despite a 10% reduction in marketing budgets year-on-year.
  • Ability to add new job boards quickly, instead of waiting for four to nine months for vendor empanelment 
  • Real-time reports, in any local currency
  • Unprecedented simplicity: one platform, one person, one invoice, for all of recruitment advertising (and media buying) needs.