An end to end HR Tech solution.

Folks, we need one. I am not denying that.

It’s pretty crazy that we  – the HR Tech providers – ask you to log in to 8 different systems. Then export a report from each. Then feed that into a data visualisation tool (or – worse – condense and pivot like mad in excel).

After putting yourself through that agony, it’s not uncommon to find out your data is wrong anyway. Over half the stuff you bought didn’t work. You haven’t hired the folks you needed. The ones you have hired, aren’t sticking around…. And More. And More. And More.

My heart hurts just thinking about it.

It’s a complete WASTE: of time and money.

You are probably wondering where Turkish Towels enter the equation.

I am really sick of using jargon to talk about things, so I thought what the heck: Why not frame this around my recently developed addiction to Turkish Towels.

My family bought a cottage last year. It’s a total fixer upper.

I didn’t want to feel alone on this journey of design and renovation, so I made an Instagram page for the cottage.

I then proceeded to follow every like-minded account I could find. I am a “liking”, “commenting” machine.

I can be a bit vain, shocker, so I tag my personal account in all posts on the cottage’s page.

Little did I realise that there was almost always a Turkish Towel draped casually over a stool or innocently hung on a hook (with the corresponding hashtag) in almost every photo a liked or commented on!

Turkish Towels were finding me.

On Pinterest. In my mood board app. On Instagram. On Facebook. On Google. EVERYWHERE I shop.

Turkish Towels were finding me.

On my laptop. On my phone. On my watch. On my TV.

Turkish Towels were finding me.

The end result?

Sales for a lovely fella in Turkey, with an awesome Etsy store, have tripled this year and the family bathroom in the cottage is now officially Insta ready.

How did the Universe know that I was in need of Turkish Towels, when I didn’t know this myself?

The folks selling stuff are investing serious money and resources into getting to know me individually.

To personalize my online experience.

Helping me discover things I didn’t know I wanted.

The selling folks use 5 core pieces of technology to get the job done.

These plug into most of the other pieces of technology (and sources of information) so the seller knows me as a buyer. They can continue to interact with me, as relevant.

Since everything is connected, the folks selling things log into one system to deliver content and get information they can do something with.

You know what stinks though, it seems it’s only the selling folks who are investing in getting to know me.

Only the selling folks have provided an end to end solution to their end users – like you.

I get it, it is super easy to measure whether or not I bought something.

Did I interact with the content? Did I enter my payment details and personal information? Did the goods or services get delivered? Done.

You also get a nice revenue hit the minute I buy.

It’s not like that with jobs.

You have to get to know me deeply as a person.

Anticipate if I am going to crush it and be happy in a critical role within the organisation.

Find me.

For a role that could change my life and have a positive impact on all of those close to me.

Then you have to wait a few months for me to settle in and start make a real difference.

This goes a bit deeper than buying a towel. This is commitment.

So why haven’t we, Employers and HR Tech providers alike, committed?

My two cents:

As a buyer of things, I fund my own innovation.

As a doer of the work, I am dependent on employers and the HR Tech community to fund that innovation.

Let that sink in.

Now let’s have an honest chat.

As an industry, HR Technology is worth $400 billion globally and growing FAST.

Yet, we are only now early-adopting 1 of the 5 core pieces of technology that would make it just as easy for me to land that life-changing job as it is for me to buy a Turkish Towel.

1 of the 5 needed to deliver a single point of login for the Talent Acquisition community.

That’s insane. What are we doing with all of that money? Our own thing.

To solve this problem, Employers need to start demanding that the various HR Tech platforms and databases integrate with each other. That we share our data. That we challenge our investors and board members.

To solve this problem, our fellow HR Tech providers need to be ready to answer the call. To trust our ability to perform in our niche: whitelabel a bit more. Embrace collaboration and transparency.

We need to be better.

Are you ready to solve the problem? We are!

To join us on this journey, think about the following:

How many systems do you log into everyday?

What do you use them for?

Are you getting the information you need?

Until next time

L. Ashlie Collins, Managing Director, Head of Sales at Joveo

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