In the ever-evolving world of HR and talent sourcing, recruitment technologies play a pivotal role. We asked six CEOs, founders, and HR Leaders about the tools they use to hire people. They told us about six top technologies that are making a big difference in how they source and hire. SmartRank and Loxo are just two of these game-changing technologies that are helping companies find the best people for their teams. Read on to learn how these tools are changing the way companies hire great-fit talent!

6 Recruitment Technologies That Have Changed Hiring

  1. SmartRank: From Candidates to Contributors
  2. ATS Technology: Automating Application Screening
  3. Automated Pre-Hire Assessments: Tracking Responses
  4. AI-Powered ATS and CRM: Enhancing Recruitment Agility
  5. Loxo: Ensuring Transparency and Efficiency
  6. Video Interviews: A Game-Changer in Recruitment

SmartRank: From Candidates to Contributors

SmartRank has really changed the way we look at our recruiting funnel. SmartRank has shifted our mindset from looking for “candidates” to looking for “contributors” who can impact our team early on. The SmartRank platform allows hiring managers to get much more granular about what they need from a new hire than what a typical job description offers. The system then makes it easy for applicants to give us specific details about their work experience and skills, highlighting the most ready-to-produce candidates for our hiring team. This has made sourcing easier for recruiters, and hiring managers are happier with the interviews they’re taking.

Brett Ungashick, CEO and CHRO, OutSail

ATS Technology: Automating Application Screening

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) technology is a major development in this area because it screens digital job applications before they are seen by a human. Reduce the time and effort spent on manual screening by using an AI-powered tool to analyze resumes and other application materials for top prospects based on keywords, qualifications, and other factors.

Now that we have the means to do so, we can automate! Scanning resumes, pre-screening applicants, and even some of the communication processes have all been automated to save time in the hiring process.

By eliminating the need for human interaction, AI lessens the risk of unconscious bias in diversity recruiting, starting with the language used in advertisements. In order to attract a more diverse pool of applicants, open positions can be analyzed using AI-powered sentiment analysis software that can help identify excluding words and recommend alternatives.

Aleksandar Ginovski, Career Expert, Resume Expert, and Product Manager, Enhancv

According to Aleksandar Ginovski, AI is one way to lessen the risk of unconscious bias

Automated Pre-Hire Assessments: Tracking Responses

In 2021, a tool was built by my two co-founders and me to solve a significant issue we were facing. The struggle was with pre-hire assessments that were sent to each candidate. The documents had to be generated manually, sent out via email, and often there was back and forth with candidates who forgot to set up sharing settings properly.

Automating this process was the single best improvement for our hiring process, and there is no intention to return to manual testing. In addition to pre-hire assessments, email responses to candidates were automated, ensuring no one is left hanging, even if their applications are rejected.

Gordana Sretenovic, Co-Founder, Workello 

AI-Powered ATS and CRM: Enhancing Recruitment Agility

AI-powered ATS (Application Tracking System) and CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) have significantly improved our recruiting process. Using these technologies, our HR is more agile in its processes and is well-aligned with the new trends in the job market with diversified profiles of the new generation. Specifically, these technologies have helped us in the standardization of selection processes and centralization of information. In addition, by using AI-powered ATS and CRM, we are far better at using our time and resources strategically, resulting in improved productivity.

Lou Reverchuk, Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

Loxo: Ensuring Transparency and Efficiency

Loxo has been one of the most helpful pieces of technology in our recruiting process. It has a client portal that enables us to share pipeline information on candidates. This gives our clients full transparency into our pipeline and keeps us on the same page at all times. There are also never any surprises with slow or fast progress. They are able to make comments on candidates, making the feedback process much more efficient. Reviewing this client portal also gives our client a better understanding of when high-potential candidates are making their way down the process, which enables them to get them scheduled in a much more efficient manner. It’s been a game-changer for us and the client experience.

Max Hansen, CEO and Co-Founder, Y Scouts

Video Interviews: A Game-Changer in Recruitment

As the CEO of Redfish Technology, a recruiting firm working in the tech sector, I’ve found that the video interview has been a game-changer in my process as a recruiter. No matter how carefully I audit a resume or application, it’s hard to match the gut check I get from meeting a candidate. Phone calls helped, but I still relied heavily on face-to-face interviews, which meant scheduling my day around other people’s tasks and responsibilities, in addition to juggling my own.

The video interview has changed all that. I can be in my car or at home when I meet an applicant. This flexibility is key, especially when dealing with a dispersed workforce who might be living in different time zones.

Now I can “see” a candidate multiple times before sending them to a company, and that means more accurate placements and better retention rates.

Rob Reeves, CEO and President, Redfish Technology

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