From demonstrating your organizational skills to receiving competitive compensation, here are nine answers to the questions, “Why is working as a warehouse package handler a good job, and how can you get hired?”

Demonstrate Your Organizational Skills

“As a warehouse package handler, you’ll be responsible for a lot of things, mostly in the logistics department, but also in the customer service department. You’ll have to handle the incoming, sorting, stocking, and distributing of all the company’s shipments, and you’ll have to do it as fast and efficiently as possible. You’ll also have to handle any customer service inquiries, questions, and complaints, and you’ll have to do so in the most professional and polite way possible.
To get hired as a warehouse package handler, you should be able to demonstrate excellent organizational skills. You’ll need to be able to keep track of all the packages, shipments, and inventory, and make sure that everything is in order at all times. You should also be able to demonstrate excellent customer service skills, as you’ll be the face of the company whenever a customer has a question or complaint.”

Matthew Ramirez, CEO, Rephrasely

Search For Open Roles on Job Boards 

“My first job was as a warehouse package handler at a company that specializes in packaging design. One of my main tasks was to ensure that everything that came in and out of the warehouse was appropriately accounted for in a detailed tracking log. I was also responsible for product presentation, wrapping the shipped items in luxury branded tissue paper and stickers.

The most important part of my role was to ensure accurate shipping details so the products have no issues in transit, especially international shipments that must pass through customs. This was crucial to keeping deadlines on track for the company’s clients as specialized packaging design is often timely for holidays such as Mother’s Day and Christmas packaging.

I discovered this job opportunity posted on my local job board. It was an old-fashioned paper job posting with the role description, hourly pay, and contact number. I gave the hiring manager a ring and within two days I was hired!

My best tip for those who’d like to try a career in warehouse package handling is to make sure you are (or are willing to learn) detailed oriented, have strong administrative skills, and can work in a fast-paced environment.

My old role as a warehouse package handler opened my eyes to the many functions of a business and ultimately helped me make the decision to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business.”

Adrian James, Partnerships Manager, Terkel

Don’t Forget About the Benefits

“Typically, warehouse package handler positions are at large corporations like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc. These large corporations often offer competitive benefits packages that provide options for health care for employees and their families, retirement options, tuition reimbursement, and much more.

Opportunities to earn paid time off and overtime pay are also common in package handler positions at these large corporations. Oftentimes both part-time and full-time employees qualify for these benefits as soon as their first day of employment.

Those interested in warehouse package handler positions should expect to work in a fast-paced and physical environment with non-traditional work hours.”

Bryor Mosley, Career Coach, Southern New Hampshire University

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Be Straightforward and Detail-Oriented

“Working as a warehouse package handler is straightforward; it just requires you to be conversant with logistic forms, product handling, and scanning machines.

Package handlers do not require any sophisticated academic qualification document. As a package handler, you need to be keen on detail, since you will check product conditions before they can be dispatched.

Labeling and confirming that the inventory coincides with what is in the warehouse and learning all the safety procedures that involve warehouse operations. The job is flexible since you can work from four to eight hours daily, depending on your preferences and employer.

It’s a lucrative position, especially since most companies offering positions are world-class, ranging from UPS, FedEx, Amazon, Wells Fargo, etc.”

Yongming Song, CEO, Live Poll for Slides

Learn the Shipping Industry

Working as a warehouse package handler can be a great job for those looking to gain experience in the logistics and shipping industry. Warehouse package handlers receive, sort, pack, and load goods going into or out of warehouse facilities daily. This type of job is perfect for people who thrive on task-oriented work, as it requires attention to detail and efficiency.

To get hired for this job, one tip is to show your ability to think quickly and efficiently. Warehouse package handlers often have to complete their tasks in a short amount of time, so being able to show your organizational skills and diligence will be important for employers.”

Tzvi Heber, Founder, CEO, & HR Head, Ascendant Detox

Select Your Own Schedule

“The fact that you have a lot of scheduling flexibility is one of the best aspects of working in a warehouse. There are typically several shifts open at warehouses because they often perform around the clock. You can choose from several shifts, including day, swing, night, weekend, or rotational shifts, depending on your needs.

If you have other responsibilities, like childcare, that can make it challenging to work on a regular nine-to-five schedule, this range of scheduling possibilities is fantastic. It’s also fantastic if you already have a job and just need a little more cash.

You can change your schedule as needed and perform part-time jobs that suit your current demands. You can select warehouse shifts that best suit your demands and your schedule, no matter what it is.”

Dwayne Kula, President, LED Lighting Supply

Consider the Steady Employment 

“Working as a warehouse package handler is a great job to consider if you’re looking for steady employment and an active work environment. It can also provide flexible hours in some locations, offering better work-life balance.

Warehouse package handlers unload packages from trucks, sort them by destination, and stock the packages onto the shelves from which employees or customers can access.

One tip for getting hired as a warehouse package handler is to have strong organizational skills and be able to handle physical labor. It’s also important to demonstrate eagerness and a willingness to learn new tasks quickly.”

Grace He, People & Culture Director, TeamBuilding

Prove How Dependable You Are

“I used to manage a warehouse, and I cannot stress how important dependable package handlers were to the success of the business. I was always looking for enthusiastic individuals I could trust to get tasks done efficiently without cutting corners.

I found that one tip for getting hired as a package handler is to inform the hiring manager they can count you on as a reliable employee; doing small but impactful things like staying on top of communication or being eager to help with extra tasks go a long way in demonstrating that you are worth bringing onboard.

The great thing about working as a warehouse package handler is that it’s often great pay and many businesses offer benefits packages, making it an attractive option when you’re searching for employment.”

Derek Bruce, Sr. Director, Skills Training Group

Get Paid and Get Healthy

Working as a package handler these days can be a great gig! Many companies are paying over $20 per hour and are desperate for reliable help.

One great perk about the job is you are consistently on your feet and moving around. Lifting is a requirement of the job as well which means you could essentially get paid to get some exercise. You’ll finish your shift feeling tired, but likely won’t have to worry about hitting the gym.

To have a better chance of getting hired, open up your availability and agree to work hard-to-fill shifts.”