Who doesn’t dream about recruiting those “ideal” employees… the ones who are driven by your organization’s goals and are 100% aligned with the company’s vision. But what can you do to make that dream a reality? 

Filling positions is no longer about mundane job posting – recruitment marketing has become a dynamic space. With technological advances (AI!) and increasingly savvy candidates, recruiters are gearing up for a transformative year ahead. 

Well, if you too are looking out for those superstars to grow your business, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you all about the 2024 trends that will help you source those right-fit candidates for your organization.

Check out what’s coming up in the world of recruitment marketing trends! Take advantage of these tips to give your upcoming hiring plan a little boost.

Recruitment Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2024

Here are some of the strategies organizations around the world are betting on in 2024 to attract the talent they need. Stay on top of these initiatives and start attracting the right candidates for those open roles.

Extensive use of AI

AI is the not-so-secret news in today’s world. This year saw an immense increase in the use of AI by individuals and organizations worldwide. According to a McKinsey report, 40% of organizations will increase their investment in AI in the coming year. And recruitment marketers are also recognizing its potential in full force. 

In 2024 recruitment marketing teams will use AI to find, attract, and engage with talent. It will be used to analyze job market trends, create targeted advertisements, and improve candidate sourcing. Other AI trends in the broader space of talent acquisition include data-led decision making, use of augmented reality (AR) for assessing candidates, AI-driven employee onboarding, and more. AI will take center stage in the coming year and propel recruitment marketing into an era of boosted efficiency and precision. 

Spotlight on employer branding

Standing out in a competitive talent market is no longer optional; it’s a necessity. Every organization is in search of great-fit talent and they’re all striving hard to achieve their recruitment marketing goals. 

In 2024, the spotlight is on employer branding, as companies strive to attract candidates that are better qualified and, more importantly, a good cultural fit. Teams will invest time and resources to showcase their unique selling points and culture. In 2024, we will see more and more organizations move toward storytelling initiatives that paint a vivid picture of their culture, values, and unique employee experiences, across multiple platforms. 

Why is this important? Well, candidates today are interested in knowing much more about their future workplace. Compensation and job responsibilities are still important factors, but today’s applicants are interested in much more. They’re making informed decisions, based on a more holistic view of their potential employers… and your employer branding efforts must match their criteria!

Prioritizing positive candidate experience

Think like a candidate. Imagine receiving an error message when you submit your application. Or answering loads of unnecessary questions. Anyone who has applied for a job can relate to the frustration of waiting weeks for an email response. Any one of these touchpoints – and more – can make or break a candidate’s experience. The result? Fewer qualified applicants. 

This is why 2024 will be the year of candidate experience. It’s all about making the application process as flawless as possible, eliminating hiccups from the recruitment process. Clear communication, well-designed application forms, regular updates, and transparency are all things to keep a focus on. These initiatives not only foster great candidate experience but they can also turn applicants into brand advocates.

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Enhanced DE&I efforts

If the term diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is new to you, gear up because this is much more than a checkbox exercise; well executed DE&I recruitment marketing strategies are a must have.

Recruitment marketers need to consciously shape their employer brand and messaging to radiate inclusivity. All the messaging that goes out to the world needs to be thoughtfully crafted to reflect a commitment to equal opportunities. The job doesn’t end here. Along with these efforts, it is equally important to track outcomes by incorporating proper metrics, circulating surveys and organizing feedback sessions.

Emphasizing your commitment to DE&I not only aligns with societal expectations but also contributes to a richer and more innovative workplace. Plus it helps with employer branding and candidate experience.

Focus on video content

Video content in the form of Youtube videos, Instagram reels/stories are everywhere. Who hasn’t become a creator? It only follows that the trend of short-form and long-form video content will continue to dominate recruitment marketing strategies in 2024. As attention spans dwindle, video content becomes not just a trend but a necessity for capturing and retaining candidate interest. 

How can this be used by recruitment marketers? Well in a lot of ways. From virtual events, to podcasts, and employee testimonials, video content helps bridge the gap between candidates and the company. This type of content provides candidates with insights into the company’s atmosphere, fostering a more immersive and engaging recruitment experience.

Shift towards skill-based hiring 

Is a journalism or mass communication degree a prerequisite for a writer in your organization? If yes, you may want to rethink your criteria because 2024 will witness a shift from traditional qualifications to skill-based hiring. 

For recruitment marketers, this means a rewrite of job descriptions, emphasizing skills over degrees and transforming interviews into dynamic assessments of previous experience and practical abilities. The outcome will be a workforce not just educated on paper, but equipped to apply knowledge effectively in real-world scenarios.

Emphasis on using social media for recruitment

As of 2023, 79%  of job seekers use social media platforms like LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Instagram in their job search journey. It only follows that recruitment marketers can’t skip considering social media as a powerful recruitment channel.

The shift is evident with features like Facebook Jobs and X’s dedicated job postings. With personalized job recommendations, interactive employer branding, and real-time candidate engagement, social media isn’t just where conversations happen; it’s where careers kick off. You can turn each social media post into a strategic move to find the desired candidate.

New Year, New Approaches to Recruitment Marketing

As the new year approaches, it’s time to bid farewell to outdated practices and embrace proactivity. From getting in touch with AI to recognizing the power of positive candidate experience, the future of recruitment marketing looks promising. 

So are you ready to adopt these trends in your upcoming recruitment marketing plans? If yes, your successful hires await on the other side of your 2024 recruitment marketing strategy.

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