Organizations providing health and social care, delivery of essential goods and services, and others, during this global crisis, can use the Joveo platform to hire key workers quickly and at scale

REDWOOD CITY, CA – March 26, 2020 – Joveo, the global leader in programmatic recruitment advertising technology, today announced that it will waive 100% of its job advertising platform fees for organizations that urgently need to recruit essential workers to deal with the global COVID-19 crisis, until the situation is deemed under control. This fee waiver will be applicable to organizations providing health and social care, public services, local and national government, public safety and national security, food and essential goods delivery, emergency transport services, utilities, communication, and other essential services.

“We are forever indebted to organizations whose workers are in a front-line role during this global crisis,” said Kshitij Jain, Founder and CEO of Joveo, who has personally donated his compensation to cover the costs of servicing these organizations. “We are also extremely grateful to their talent acquisition teams and partners for their hiring efforts to deal with the massive demands the pandemic has put on their operations. In an attempt to do our part in supporting these organizations and their communities, we would like to volunteer our time and technology to help them find the people they need.”

Joveo’s programmatic recruitment advertising platform can help with quickly hiring high-quality and relevant talent at scale. The company will also provide free expert assistance and support to organizations that are looking to rapidly hire staff to either slow and treat the pandemic or help with delivering essential goods and services to citizens under lockdown.

Furthermore, Joveo will offer its platform for free to businesses that are severely impacted by the crisis, operationally and financially. These include small and mid-sized companies in the travel, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.

The global programmatic job advertising leader will also deliver additional candidate traffic to job postings and therefore, more applications, to organizations that qualify for the waiver, at no cost to talent acquisition teams.

If your organization is hiring essential workers to deal with the global COVID-19 crisis, or is severely impacted financially due to the resulting decrease in customer demand, apply for the job advertising platform fee waiver at

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