How did you get into HR/recruiting, and why did you stay?

To help you better understand why HR is an amazing career choice, we asked recruiting experts and HR leaders this question. From wanting the best for your company to finding a naturally fitting position, there are several insights below that may convince you to apply for an HR-related position if you haven’t given it much thought.

Needed the Best for My Company

“I started my company about 10 years ago. It was a hard decision to make, but I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I had to put in the long hours and learn as much as I could about every aspect of the business. 

One of the most important things I learned was the importance of human resources and recruiting. I quickly realized that the most successful businesses are the ones that invest in their people. They find the best talent, and then keep them happy and engaged.

I stayed in HR because I believe it is one of the most important functions in a company. Without good people, a company cannot be successful. I am passionate about finding and developing outstanding talent. It is challenging and ever-changing, but it is also very rewarding.”

Tzvi Heber, Founder, CEO & HR Head, Ascendant Detox

Wanted to Better the Experience for My Candidates

“I got into recruitment because I was tired of having an awful candidate experience every time I applied for a job. So instead of waiting for recruiters to come back to me, I became one to at least dignify the interview process and offer a great experience to my candidates.

I first started in a recruitment agency to gain experience handling different clients, understanding the different nuances of interview techniques, and learning how to “source” the best candidates. However, I moved in-house and became part of HR to be a true ambassador for the organizations I represent.

I stayed because being part of the Talent Acquisition team has a real impact on the business. You support building a team that then achieves such amazing things. 

Changing jobs, especially in these challenging times, has a tremendous impact on candidates’ lives and the companies, so I enjoy seeing the bigger picture and making thoughtful decisions for the best candidate.”

Nuria Requena, Talent Acquisition Manager, Spacelift

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Love the Matchmaking Aspect

“I fell into recruiting; it wasn’t my plan. To be honest, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so when one of my former employers asked me to help with some recruiting efforts, I said yes and the love affair continues today.

Why do I love it? I’m a natural researcher and matchmaker. I really enjoy finding candidates for roles, especially if I’m looking for someone with a niche skill set, getting to know them, and matching them with the right role. 

It’s really important to find a company to work for that is the right fit for you, as you spend most of your life at work, so you need to be enjoying it, as we all know what it’s like working day in and day out with a company or in a role that you hate.

And that’s what I love the most… matching candidates with a role that they will be happy in.”

Heather Scott, Independent Recruiter, Into Marketing

Simply Love People

“I consider myself an engineer of human souls at heart and an HR expert by choice. 

I knew in high school already that I wanted to work with people. At the age of 24, I started my master’s studies in human resources and development, and I ended up applying for a job in the best recruitment agency in our country. 

The competition was insane, but I got selected and worked there for almost five years. That is how I got into HR. I enjoy empowering other people and it gives me joy to see them grow and develop. That’s why I have stayed in this field.”

Liisi Kivistik, Group HRM, Speero

Needed a Change of Pace

“Working as a marketing manager came with a lot of unnecessary stress, and I wasn’t seeing any personal development in myself or anyone around me. That’s when I changed careers. Work should be enjoyable, and you should continue to grow personally and professionally. 

Working in human resources allows me to do that. Not only do I get to learn and research new techniques, but I also get to be a part of watching others grow. It’s been a rewarding career so far and I can see myself remaining in an HR position for the foreseeable future.”

Jarir Mallah, HR Specialist, Ling App

Was a Natural Fit for Me

“I am a good people’s person, so it was a natural fit. I don’t just hire people because that’s my job. I do this because I enjoy mapping talent with the best jobs suitable.

I stayed because I enjoy my profession. As humans, we have all been in search of the right platform, place, or company which suits us best. To act as a midway between the company and the talent is fulfilling for me.”

Shubhangi Mishra, Lead Talent Acquisition, Scry Analytics

Passion for Making a Difference

“Ever since I remember, I have been passionate about getting to know people and found myself empathetic about their needs and feelings. 

I have also considered myself very intuitive about people I met and could quickly tell what kind of person they were. That’s why I tried HR when choosing my career path—it was one of my best decisions.

HR allows me to help people achieve their goals and use their potential in the best way possible. I found my purpose in finding the best fit for the job, which later results in visible success for both the employee and the company—and that’s what keeps me going.”

Karolina Kijowska, Head of People, PhotoAiD

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