Every company says they love their customers. But not all companies’ customers love them back. Ours do. Take some of our G2 reviews, for example:

Joveo takes the time to understand what our job advertising goals are and tailor a solution to meet our needs. On a weekly and monthly basis, goals are assessed and calibrated to deliver success. When ideas and solutions are offered, our customer success manager brings in the best Joveo subject matter expert to understand and propose ideas that align with our needs.

The Joveo team has been incredible in assisting us in our campaigns, and any other requests we have had. The customer success managers have been exceptionally great in being proactive with recommendations or suggestions, which is massively appreciated as we feel valued and taken care of. 

If one of our jobs isn’t getting enough applications, the Joveo support team can jump in and amplify my jobs to additional job titles that might have better keyword synergy than our original job titles, or expand our jobs to additional markets where candidates might live. Joveo has helped change the game for us!

Joveo has touched base every morning to ensure the campaign is running as it should. The communication is regular and you always feel well looked after. Team Joveo is always on the ball and makes it an easy process!

At Joveo we bask in customer accolades, but our love for them runs deeper than any words can express. We’ve built our entire organization to be customer-centric, earning their love on a daily basis. Here are the five strategic steps we have taken to architect a customer-loving organization.

1. Our #1 company value is a fanatical commitment to customer success.

Every company that says it loves its customers also says it’s committed to customer success – but often, just to the point of inconvenience. But actions speak louder than words, and Joveo is committed to supporting our customers’ success especially when it isn’t convenient. When there’s a problem or issue in the middle of the night or on the weekend, our teams are committed to fixing it, no matter what. And it happens!

There’s a certain amount of sacrifice involved in pursuing that fanatical level of customer success, and everyone at Joveo is proud to make it. It’s our #1 company value, and all of us are committed to living it.

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2. We’ve oriented our business around listening to customers.

Again, gathering customer feedback isn’t revolutionary. Most tech firms administer some sort of periodic customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey. Joveo’s monthly Customer Happiness Index survey is different; it gives customers the opportunity to rate their satisfaction across multiple aspects of their work with Joveo and then provide qualitative feedback. At the end of the survey there’s also an open-ended question asking customers what they would like us to improve – and it can be anything.

What Joveo does with survey feedback is what sets us apart. Instead of being sequestered in the customer success function, customer feedback is fed into a company-wide Slack channel in real-time. Everyone across the company, from product managers and engineers to accounting and administrative staff, is exposed to how our customers feel.

Broadcasting survey feedback internally on Slack – whether it’s good, bad or occasionally ugly – is an immersive and unique way to connect our entire company with what customers are thinking and get people talking. Across functions, Joveo team members are commenting and contributing; our CEO is often the first to respond! Everyone across the organization is empowered to ask each other questions and propose solutions. Not surprisingly, with such a highly visible level of buy-in, starting with top executives, customer happiness is Joveo’s most active and vibrant Slack channel.

3. We’ve structured our organization around customer experience.

Software companies are usually organized around functions: engineering, sales, marketing, product management, support, customer success and so on. At Joveo we believe that companies siloed in this way are fundamentally incapable of putting customers at the center, because departments are too inwardly focused.

At Joveo we have turned the traditional org chart on its ear, instead aligning teams under a customer experience function. Every touchpoint – from the moment a lead comes in, to becoming a customer, to working with Joveo on an ongoing basis – is under the customer experience umbrella. Departmentally this includes sales, marketing, implementation, support, ad operations, publisher operations and of course customer success. By thinking about working together in this way, we have oriented every aspect of everything we do under a shared North Star.

4. We’ve invested in the best technology tools and data sets.

Delivering a great customer experience requires more than enthusiasm. It needs a world-class technology infrastructure. Many companies rely on spreadsheets or their customer relationship management (CRM) system, but Joveo has invested in the best tools and data sets to deliver a great customer experience. These include a purpose-built platform for delivering customer success, and a collaborative customer onboarding tool that’s far more sophisticated than broad-based project management applications like Trello or Basecamp.

In addition, Joveo has built a customer intelligence dashboard that sits on top of an extraordinary data analytics capability. Most dashboards seem to look great, but present only basic information on key performance indicators (KPIs); Joveo’s customer intelligence dashboard delivers meaningful insight above and beyond the industry norm.

5. We hire and invest in customer-loving people

Finally, it goes without saying that customer centricity can’t be achieved without customer-loving employees. We engage applicants in a rigorous interview process to make sure we hire the right people: they’ve got customer centricity in their professional DNA, as well as analytical skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and an abundance of empathy.

Once hired, we invest in our employees to keep them engaged and energized. That includes providing professional enrichment opportunities, rewards and recognition programs, and a daily dose of laughter.

Stay with us for what’s next

Achieving customer happiness is a never-ending journey, and we love it! Keep an eye on the Joveo blog to learn about upcoming developments in how we are measuring customer health with more rigor and discipline, to make sure our customers remain delighted. Request a demo today and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to see how Joveo can help you get the most out of your recruitment advertising.