Explore cutting-edge talent acquisition (TA) innovation at these eight AI-focused in-person conferences, meticulously crafted to empower professionals with the latest strategies and insights needed to excel in a rapidly evolving recruitment landscape.

Top 8 AI-focused Conferences for Talent Acquisition Pros

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) is essential for staying competitive in TA. These conferences offer a unique opportunity for TA professionals to immerse themselves in the world of AI-driven recruitment strategies. From thought-provoking keynotes to interactive workshops, each conference provides a platform to explore the intersection of AI and talent acquisition, enabling professionals to leverage advanced technologies for recruitment success.

SourceCon 2024 Conference

Delve into AI-driven talent acquisition at the SourceCon 2024 Conference, happening on 9th – 10th April, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • With a focus on sourcing strategies and recruitment technology, this conference provides unparalleled insights into leveraging AI to find and engage top talent. 
  • Dive deep into the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of talent acquisition, and connect with industry experts and peers to stay ahead of the curve.

SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 

Join top industry experts at the SHRM Talent Conference & Expo 2024, taking place on 14th -16th April, 2024.

Why should you attend?

  • Discover cutting-edge methods for transforming talent management in today’s job market, with sessions on AI-powered recruitment and innovative talent acquisition strategies. 
  • This conference will include thought-provoking discussions and hands-on workshops to equip you with the tools needed to navigate the evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

Engage Boston

Uncover the future of recruitment at Engage Boston, happening on 14th – 15th April, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • This premier global recruiting conference series offers unparalleled industry insights and networking opportunities, focusing on AI-driven engagement strategies and tactical training. 
  • Connect with industry leaders and practitioners to gain practical insights and strategies for leveraging AI in talent acquisition.

AI Conference

TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum

Explore the latest trends in talent technology at the TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum, scheduled for 4th – 6th June, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • This conference covers the full spectrum of recruitment technology solutions, from AI-powered ATS platforms to conversational AI products. 
  • Engage with industry experts and peers to gain insights into the future of AI in talent acquisition.

SHRM Annual Conference and Expo 

Propel towards a future of limitless opportunities at SHRM24, the SHRM Annual Conference and Expo, happening on 23th – 26th June, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • This curated event empowers professionals to embrace change and drive innovation within their organizations, with a focus on leveraging AI to advance talent acquisition strategies. 
  • Immerse yourself in thought-provoking sessions and collaborate with industry trailblazers to shape the future of talent acquisition.

SIA-CWS Summit North America 

Gain insights into the future of healthcare staffing at the SIA–CWS Summit North America, scheduled for 16th – 17th September, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • With sessions on AI-driven recruitment strategies and the rapid acceleration of technologies, this conference equips healthcare staffing executives with the strategies and tactics needed to drive the business forward.
  • Connect with industry peers and learn from experts who are transforming the field of talent acquisition.

LinkedIn Talent Connect 

Join LinkedIn Talent Connect on 28th October, 2024, to advance a more people-first world of work through provocative conversations and unique insights powered by LinkedIn. This event brings together talent, learning, development, and recruitment professionals to explore the transformative potential of AI in talent acquisition. Connect with industry leaders and gain actionable insights to drive recruitment success in the digital age.

CIPD Festival of Work 

Immerse yourself in the future of work at the CIPD Festival of Work, happening on 12th – 13th June, 2024. 

Why should you attend?

  • Explore insights from industry thought leaders on evolving business and people strategies to adapt to a new working environment.
  • Engage with innovative solutions and interact with industry experts to create a better world of work. Discover how AI is reshaping talent acquisition and gain practical insights to drive recruitment success in the digital era.


In today’s job market, candidates care about a company’s culture as much as they do about pay. Using AI in employer branding is crucial. It helps companies improve how they’re seen, customize how they connect with candidates, and attract the best talent.

These conferences highlight the newest AI tools and methods in recruitment. Attendees will learn valuable insights and gain tools to strengthen their employer brand, helping them stay competitive in finding talent.

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