In today’s digital era, Facebook has evolved into an important platform for businesses looking to hire. With its vast network and user-friendly interface, it offers a tremendous opportunity to connect with potential candidates. Understanding how to advertise a job on Facebook can significantly streamline the recruitment process, making it easier to find the right talent for your organization.

This guide aims to provide a straightforward approach to help you effectively advertise job openings on Facebook, ensuring you attract qualified applicants.

Advertising a job on Facebook is not just about posting a vacancy; it’s about engaging with a community of potential candidates. Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, knowing how to post a job on Facebook is an essential skill in today’s competitive job market.

Facebook Job Postings & Ads

Facebook Recruiting: Facebook Job Posting vs. Facebook Employment Ads

Facebook job postings and Facebook employment ads offer different ways to recruit. Facebook job postings are straightforward, free listings created directly on your company’s Facebook page, making them visible to followers and encouraging direct applications through the platform. 

On the other hand, Facebook employment ads are paid advertisements targeted to specific demographics, interests, and locations beyond your existing followers, thus expanding your reach to a more diverse potential applicant pool. Each method serves different recruitment strategies depending on your goals, budget, and desired applicant type.

In the next sections, we will focus on the specific methods you can use to create effective job postings on Facebook, exploring step-by-step processes to maximize your recruitment efforts.

How to Create a Free Job Post on Facebook

Creating a free job post on Facebook is straightforward and can significantly enhance your hiring efforts. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook business page

The first step in how to advertise a job on Facebook is to log into your Facebook Business Page. This is where you’ll manage your job postings and interact with applicants.

Step 2: Navigate to the jobs tab

Once logged in, locate the Jobs tab on your page. This section is specifically designed for job postings, making it easier for businesses to organize and candidates to find job opportunities.

Step 3: Click on “Create Job”

To begin the process of creating your job post, click on the “Create Job” button. This action will open a form where you’ll enter the details of the job opening.

Step 4: Fill in the job details

In this step, you’ll provide essential information about the job, such as the job title, location, and job type (full-time, part-time, etc.). Ensuring accuracy in this section is crucial for attracting the right candidates.

Step 5: Write a captivating job description

A well-crafted job description is key to attracting qualified candidates. Highlight the responsibilities, qualifications, and any unique benefits of working for your company. Keep the language simple and straightforward to ensure it’s easily understood.

Step 6: Add screening questions

Screening questions can help you filter candidates early in the process. Include questions that are relevant to the job’s requirements to streamline the application review process.

Step 7: Set an expiration date

Setting an expiration date for your job post helps keep your listings fresh and relevant. Choose a date that gives candidates enough time to discover and apply for the job.

Step 8: Preview and publish

Before publishing, preview your job post to ensure all information is accurate and presented well. Once satisfied, click “Publish” to make your job post live on Facebook.

Step 9: Boost your job post (optional)

For increased visibility, consider boosting your job post. This paid feature allows you to target specific demographics, increasing the chances of your post being seen by the right candidates.

Step 10: Manage applications

As applications start coming in, use Facebook’s tools to manage and review candidates. You can communicate with applicants directly through Facebook, making the process efficient and centralized.

Step 11: Close the job posting

Once you’ve filled the position, don’t forget to close the job posting. This action prevents further applications and signals to candidates that the position has been filled.

How to Create a Facebook Employment Ad Category for Your Job Posts

Facebook’s vast user base and advanced targeting capabilities make it a great place to reach both active and passive job seekers. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook Employment Ad Category for your job posts:

Step 1: Create your ad campaign

Begin by logging into your Facebook Ads Manager and selecting the option to create a new ad campaign. Choose “Employment” as your campaign objective to ensure your ads are optimized for recruitment. This initial step is crucial in how to advertise a job on Facebook effectively – it lays the foundation for your campaign’s goals and objectives.

Step 2: Set up your ad account

If you haven’t already set up an ad account on Facebook, you’ll be prompted to do so at this stage. Enter the necessary information, such as your country, preferred currency, and time zone. Setting up your ad account correctly is vital for managing billing and tracking the performance of your employment ads.

Step 3: Create an ad set

In the ad set level, you’ll define your target audience, budget, and schedule for your employment ads. Utilize Facebook’s detailed targeting options to reach candidates based on location, education, job titles, and interests. This is where MOJO Social integration can significantly enhance your targeting strategy. By leveraging MOJO’s data and AI capabilities, you can ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience of passive candidates who are not actively looking but are open to new job opportunities.

Step 4: Create your ad

Now, it’s time to create your ad. Choose engaging images or videos that represent your company culture and the job position. Write compelling ad copy that highlights the benefits of working for your company and the key qualifications for the job. Ensure your call to action (CTA) is clear, encouraging candidates to apply or learn more about the opportunity.

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Detailed Insight on Facebook Ad and Job Post Boost Pricing

Boosting your job posts on Facebook is an investment that, when executed strategically, can yield substantial returns. Understanding the nuances of Facebook’s boost pricing is crucial for making informed decisions that work with your budget and recruitment goals. Here’s a deeper dive into the key aspects of Facebook ad/job post boost pricing, including an exclusive look at the cost per impression (CPM) model, which is a cornerstone of Facebook’s advertising ecosystem.

Understanding boost pricing

Facebook’s boost pricing model is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, offering flexibility. Several factors influence the cost associated with boosting a job post on Facebook:

  • Target audience size: The broader your target audience, the more competitive the bidding for ad space, which potentially increases costs.
  • Ad space competition: Prices may increase due to high demand for ad space – particularly among high-demand demographics!
  • Duration of the boost: The total time frame you choose to run your ad affects the overall cost, with longer campaigns requiring a larger budget.

Setting your budget

Facebook offers two budgeting options for boosting job posts: a daily budget and a lifetime budget.

  • Daily budget: This is the average amount you’re willing to spend each day your ad runs. It’s ideal for ongoing recruitment efforts.
  • Lifetime budget: This is the total amount you’re willing to spend for the duration of your ad campaign. It’s suitable for short-term or one-off recruitment drives.

Facebook’s algorithms are great at managing spending to maximize engagement within a set budget.

Cost per impression (CPM)

An exclusive feature of Facebook’s advertising platform is its cost-per-impression (CPM) model. CPM refers to the cost per 1,000 impressions of your ad. This model focuses on ad visibility, making it a critical indicator for campaigns aimed at enhancing brand awareness or broadcasting job openings to a wide audience.

  • Advantages of CPM: You pay based on the number of times your ad is displayed, regardless of user interaction. This can be particularly cost-effective for ads with high engagement rates.
  • Strategic use of CPM: For job postings, strategic use of CPM can ensure your ad reaches a broad audience, increasing the likelihood of finding qualified candidates.

With a deep understanding of Facebook’s CPM model, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your job postings, ensuring the right candidates see them at the right time.

Cost-effective strategies

To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, consider these strategies:

  • Optimize your targeting: Narrow down your audience to the most relevant users to decrease costs and increase the quality of applicants.
  • Test and learn: Begin with a modest budget to experiment with various ad formats and targeting criteria. Scale your investment based on performance.
  • Leverage organic engagement: Encourage your team to interact with and share the job post. Natural engagement can boost your post’s performance and potentially lower costs.

ROI considerations

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) is critical when boosting job posts on Facebook. Key indicators to monitor include the number of applications received, the quality of candidates, and the cost per application. This data is invaluable when it comes to refining your strategy and keeping costs down.

Why Use Facebook Ads

More and more companies are turning to Facebook Ads. The platform’s vast user base and sophisticated targeting capabilities make it a great place to reach potential candidates. Here’s why using Facebook ads is a game-changer for recruitment.


Facebook allows you to narrow down your audience based on a wide range of criteria, including location, age, education, job titles, interests, and behavior. This means you can tailor your job ads to reach the exact demographic that fits your hiring needs. 

For instance, if you’re looking to hire a software engineer, you can target users who have shown an interest in software development, have a specific level of education, or even work at specific companies. This ensures that your job ad is seen by people who are most likely to be qualified for the position.


Facebook’s advertising ecosystem extends well beyond the confines of its own platform, offering advertisers (including job ads!) a comprehensive suite of placement options. This ecosystem includes Instagram and other channels through the Audience Network, providing a broad canvas for your recruitment efforts. Here’s a detailed look at these additional channels:


Owned by Facebook (or, to be precise, Meta), Instagram is a visually-driven platform that has become a vital part of Facebook’s advertising ecosystem. When you choose to advertise on Instagram, you can take advantage of its high engagement rates and a younger demographic to attract potential candidates. Here are the key placement options on Instagram:

  • Feed Ads: These ads appear in the scrolling feed of Instagram users, seamlessly integrating with organic content. They’re ideal for capturing attention with compelling visuals and can include a call to action to apply for a job.
  • Stories Ads: With the popularity of Instagram Stories, these ads offer a full-screen, immersive experience. They’re particularly effective for time-sensitive job openings, allowing for direct interaction through swipes and taps.
  • Explore Ads: When users explore new content beyond the accounts they follow, your job ad can appear amidst content discovery, reaching those who might not be actively job hunting but are open to new opportunities.

Audience Network

The Audience Network allows you to extend your job ads beyond Facebook and Instagram to a vast network of websites and apps. This increases your reach, showing your ads to potential candidates even when they’re not on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s how it works:

  • In-App Ads: Your ads can appear in a variety of mobile apps, where users spend a significant amount of their online time. This includes gaming, news, and lifestyle apps, among others.
  • Website Ads: Beyond apps, the Audience Network also places your ads on a wide range of websites, from news sites to blogs, ensuring your job ads are seen across the internet.
  • Video Ads: These are placed within video content on both apps and websites, offering a dynamic way to present your job opportunity to potential candidates.


Another powerful channel within Facebook’s advertising ecosystem is Messenger. By placing ads in Messenger, you can initiate direct conversations with potential candidates, offering a personalized recruitment experience. Ads can appear in the Messenger inbox or between conversations, providing a unique opportunity to engage with candidates on a platform where they’re already communicating!

Click to apply

The “Click to Apply” feature is another reason Facebook ads are so effective. This feature simplifies the application process for candidates, allowing them to express interest in a job with just a couple of clicks. 

When a potential candidate clicks on your ad, they’re taken directly to an application form pre-populated with their Facebook profile information. This encourages more applicants, as the barrier to applying is significantly reduced. Moreover, it streamlines the recruitment process for employers, integrating seamlessly with Facebook’s messaging system, enabling quick and easy communication with applicants.

How to Increase Your Facebook Job Ads’ Effectiveness

Utilizing Facebook to advertise job openings is a strategic move in today’s digital-first world. However, to truly capitalize, it’s crucial to optimize your recruitment strategy. Here are some tips to enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook job ads and ensure you attract the best talent.

Track and measure your results

The first step is to track and measure your results meticulously. Facebook provides a good amount of data through its Ads Manager, allowing you to see how your ads perform in terms of reach, engagement, and conversions. Using this data, you can identify which aspects of your ads are working well and which areas need improvement. 

For instance, if you notice a high click-through rate but low application rates, your job ad might be engaging but not compelling enough to convince candidates to apply. Keeping an eye on these metrics enables you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your ads for better performance. 

Create unique ads for different audiences

To make the most of your Facebook Ads budget, create unique ads tailored to different audiences. This means segmenting your target audience based on factors such as job function, experience level, and interests and then crafting ads that speak directly to each audience. 

For example, an ad for a creative position might focus on the company’s innovative culture and creative freedom, while an ad for a technical role might highlight cutting-edge projects and learning opportunities. By customizing your ads for different audiences, you can ensure that your message resonates with the right candidates.

Design attractive careers pages

Your Facebook job ad is often the first point of contact between your company and potential candidates. However, to truly captivate and convert candidates, you need to have an attractive careers page that gives more than a sneak peek into your company culture, values, and opportunities. Ensure your careers page is easily accessible from your job ad and is optimized for mobile users – many candidates will be accessing it from their smartphones. 

Include engaging content like employee testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, and detailed descriptions of the benefits of working for your company. An attractive and informative careers page can significantly improve the candidate experience and encourage more applicants to hit that submit button!

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Tips for Recruiting on Facebook

Recruiting on Facebook offers a unique opportunity to connect with potential candidates in a more personal and engaging way. To maximize your recruitment efforts, consider these practical tips that can help you attract top talent.

Tip 1. Create an attention-grabbing post

The first step is to create a post that captures attention. Use compelling images or graphics and concise, engaging text that highlights the key benefits of the position. Make sure your post speaks directly to the desires and needs of your ideal candidate, whether it’s career growth opportunities, a great company culture, or competitive salaries. An attention-grabbing post is more likely to be shared, increasing its visibility.

Tip 2. Create an event ad to promote your job fair

If you’re hosting a job fair, creating an event ad on Facebook can significantly boost your attendance and, of course, the number of potential candidates you connect with. Event ads are highly visible and can be targeted to specific demographics, so you reach the most relevant audience. Include all the essential details in your ad, such as the date, time, location, and what attendees can expect. Encouraging RSVPs can also help you gauge interest and plan accordingly.

Tip 3. Make a video ad that candidates and Facebook will love

Video content is super engaging and favored by Facebook’s algorithms, making video ads an excellent recruitment tool. Create a short, compelling video that showcases your company culture, employee testimonials, or a day in the life at your company. This type of content can give potential candidates a real sense of what it’s like to work for you, making your job opportunity more appealing. Remember to keep it authentic and upbeat to resonate with viewers.

Tip 4. Tap into your employees’ networks 

Your employees’ networks are a valuable resource. Encourage your team to share job posts with their friends and followers. This not only increases the reach of your posts, but also lends credibility to your job openings. People are more likely to trust and explore opportunities shared by someone they know. Consider creating a referral program to incentivize employees to participate actively in your recruitment efforts.

Tip 5. Use Facebook Live to meet potential candidates

Facebook Live offers a unique and interactive way to connect with potential candidates. Host live Q&A sessions, virtual office tours, or employee panels to provide insights into working at your company. This way, candidates can get their questions answered in real-time and feel more connected to your company culture. Promote your Facebook Live events in advance to ensure a good turnout and engage with your audience by responding to comments and questions during the broadcast.

Why Use Facebook to Post Jobs

Facebook’s evolution from a social networking platform to a powerful recruitment tool has made it an essential part of modern hiring strategies. Let’s take one more look at why utilizing Facebook to post jobs can significantly help your recruitment efforts.

Largest social media platform worldwide

Facebook stands as the largest social media platform globally, with billions of active users. This vast user base provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience. When you learn how to advertise a job on Facebook, you tap into this huge network, increasing the visibility of your job postings far beyond traditional recruitment channels. 

The platform’s global reach ensures that your job ads can attract candidates from various backgrounds, skills, and regions, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your organization.

Recruit candidates who are loyal to your brand

Facebook’s social nature encourages sharing and engagement, allowing your job postings to go viral within and beyond your immediate network. By posting jobs on Facebook, you can recruit folks who are already familiar with and loyal to your brand! These candidates are more likely to be engaged and passionate about working for you, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention rates. 

The platform’s sharing features also mean that your job ads can reach passive candidates through recommendations from friends and family, expanding your talent pool with minimal effort.

Facebook ads to define and reach your audience

Facebook Ads offer sophisticated targeting options that help you to define and reach your ideal audience without overspending. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, the  advertising platform allows you to recruit on a budget by setting specific criteria such as location, interests, and job titles. This kind of precision ensures that your job postings are seen by candidates who match your requirements, improving the quality of your applicant pool while making the most out of your recruitment budget.

Find passive candidates

One of the greatest advantages of using Facebook for recruitment is the ability to connect with passive candidates. These are individuals who are not actively seeking new opportunities but are open to the right offer. Facebook’s engaging content and targeted ads can capture the attention of these potential candidates, getting their eyeballs on your job openings. By reaching passive candidates, you can tap into a talent pool that is often overlooked by traditional recruitment methods, giving you a competitive edge in the hiring process.

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Employer branding

Facebook is an excellent platform for showcasing your employer brand. Through regular posts, stories, and behind-the-scenes content, you can give potential candidates a glimpse into your company culture, values, and what it’s like to work for your organization. This kind of transparency builds trust and can attract candidates who align with your company’s mission and culture – and we all know what a great start that is!

Application process

Facebook simplifies the application process, making it easy for candidates to apply directly on the platform. With features like auto-filled application forms using profile information, Facebook reduces barriers to applying. A shorter process not only enhances the candidate experience but also speeds up your recruitment cycle, allowing you to fill positions more quickly.

Facebook vs Indeed vs LinkedIn: Know the Difference

Various platforms offer unique advantages for connecting with potential candidates. Facebook, Indeed, and LinkedIn are the most popular, each with distinct features and benefits. Understanding the differences can help recruiters and HR professionals strategize on how to advertise a job effectively. Let’s check out how Facebook compares with job boards like Indeed and professional networking sites like LinkedIn.


Unlike traditional job boards or professional networks, Facebook allows employers to reach a broader audience, including passive candidates who might not actively be looking for a job but are open to the right opportunities. The platform’s informal nature encourages sharing and engagement, increasing the visibility of job postings through organic reach and viral sharing.


Indeed is a dedicated job board that attracts active job seekers. It’s designed specifically for job searching, making it a go-to resource for candidates looking for new opportunities. Indeed offers a vast database of job listings and a straightforward application process, making it efficient for both job seekers and employers.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that doubles as a powerful recruitment tool. It’s particularly effective for targeting professionals and industry-specific talent. LinkedIn allows recruiters to tap into professional networks, view detailed candidate profiles, and utilize advanced search features to find candidates with specific qualifications.

AudienceBroad, diverse user base including passive and active candidatesPrimarily active job seekersProfessional audience, including passive and active candidates
Strengths– Vast reach

– Detailed targeting

– Employer branding

– Large pool of job seekers

– High SEO visibility

– Simplicity and efficiency in job search

– Professional networking

– Detailed candidate profiles

– Advanced recruitment tools

EngagementHigh, with interactive features like Facebook LiveModerate, focused on job listings and applicationsHigh, with professional content sharing and direct messaging
Employer BrandingStrong, through company pages and shared contentModerate, through company profiles and job listingsStrong, through company pages, content, and employee networks
Targeting CapabilitiesHighly detailed, based on demographics, interests, and behaviorsLimited, mainly based on job titles and keywordsDetailed, based on professional criteria like skills and experience
Ideal For– Building brand visibility

– Reaching passive candidates

– Engaging with a diverse audience

– Quickly attracting a large number of active job seekers

– Straightforward job postings

– Sourcing experienced professionals

– Networking and targeted outreach

– Industry-specific recruitment

Application ProcessSimplified, with features like auto-filled application formsStraightforward, with direct applications to listingsWith the use of LinkedIn profiles, applicants can directly apply for the jobs

Facebook Job Ads Example

Company 1: Tech startup

  • Ad content: “Join Our Innovation Journey! 🚀 We’re looking for creative and passionate software developers to help us revolutionize the tech industry. Enjoy flexible hours, remote work options, and a chance to be part of something big. Apply now and let’s code the future together!”
  • Why it works: This ad targets individuals passionate about innovation and technology. It highlights attractive job perks like flexible hours and remote work, appealing to top talent who value flexibility and work-life balance.

Company 2: Marketing agency

  • Ad content: “Are You Our Next Social Media Guru? 🌟 We’re on the hunt for a social media manager who can turn ideas into trending topics. Join us if you love engaging content, creative freedom, and a collaborative environment. Click to apply and let’s make waves together!”
  • Why it works: It directly appeals to creative professionals with a flair for social media. The use of engaging language and the promise of creative freedom and collaboration makes it appealing to the target audience.

Company 3: Non-profit organization

  • Ad content: “Make a Difference With Us! ❤️ Our non-profit is seeking compassionate project coordinators to lead initiatives that change lives. If you’re driven by purpose and ready to impact the world, join our team. Apply today and be the change you wish to see!”
  • Why it works: This ad speaks to the values and motivations of individuals looking to contribute to society. It emphasizes the emotional reward and sense of purpose associated with the role, attracting candidates driven by more than just salary.

Company 4: Hospitality industry

  • Ad content: “Hospitality Heroes Wanted! 🌟 Ready to deliver unforgettable experiences? Our hotel is looking for guest relations specialists who can make our guests feel at home. If you have a passion for service and a smile that never fades, we want you on our team. Apply now!”
  • Why it works: This ad targets individuals with a passion for service in the hospitality industry. It focuses on the personal attributes and soft skills required for the role, appealing to those who take pride in providing excellent customer service.

Facebook Case study

When it comes to job advertising, Facebook has proven to be an important platform for reaching potential candidates, as illustrated by several case studies.


For KEMI, based in the Netherlands, a modest €50 investment in Facebook advertising yielded impressive results. The campaign achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of 2.01%, significantly surpassing the industry average of 0.47%. This success led KEMI to initiate two more campaigns, which similarly achieved remarkable results, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted advertising on Facebook.


Carmato from Germany, operated a Facebook advertising campaign with an investment of €105 over 17 days. The campaign’s creative use of humor helped it stand out, resulting in 46.15k impressions and 281 clicks. This translated into 22 applications and 2 interviews, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in not just reaching a wide audience but also in engaging potential candidates sufficiently to invite them to apply.

Elektro Biderbost AG

Lastly, Elektro Biderbost AG in Switzerland, allocated €134 towards a Facebook ad campaign that ran for 49 days. The extended duration of the ad allowed for more precise optimization and targeting. This strategic decision to run the ad for a longer period paid off by enhancing the ad’s performance over time.


In conclusion, mastering how to advertise a job on Facebook is crucial for modern recruiters aiming to utilize the platform’s vast and diverse user base. Facebook stands out for its ability to broaden the candidate pool, increase employer branding, and facilitate targeted recruitment campaigns. By using Facebook’s unique features, such as detailed targeting and interactive engagement tools, employers can streamline the application process and connect with both active and passive candidates efficiently.


Can we post job ads on Facebook?

Yes, you can post job ads on Facebook. Businesses can create job postings directly on their Facebook Page using the Jobs on Facebook feature. These postings can appear in potential applicants’ News Feeds, in the Jobs Bookmark, and alongside other posts on your business page.

How do ads on Facebook work?

Facebook ads work by targeting a specific audience chosen based on information such as demographics, interests, and behavior. Advertisers can create campaigns with specific goals, like increasing website traffic or generating sales, and place bids to display their ads to the targeted audience.

How can I add my job on Facebook?

To add a job on Facebook, go to your business Page, click on ‘Jobs’ on the left sidebar, and select ‘Create Job’. Fill in the details such as job title, salary, and description. You can also add screening questions to help filter candidates before publishing the post.

What are the types of Facebook ads?

Facebook offers various types of ads including image ads, video ads, carousel ads (multiple images or videos in one ad), slideshow ads, collection ads (a group of items that open into a full-screen mobile experience), and lead ads (collect lead information without leaving Facebook).

Can you target Facebook ads by job title?

Yes, Facebook allows you to target ads based on job titles. This targeting option lets advertisers reach users based on the job titles they have listed in their Facebook profiles, which can be highly effective for recruitment and B2B marketing campaigns.

Can you target Facebook ads by employer?

Yes, you can target Facebook ads by employer. This feature helps you to direct your ads to users who have specific employers listed on their Facebook profiles. This is particularly useful for targeting professional audiences and specific company employees.