Programmatic job advertising has revolutionized the way companies target and recruit talent. In a series of seven enlightening episodes, Stephanie Ginsberg, former global recruitment marketing lead at Uber, breaks down the complexities of programmatic advertising into digestible insights. These videos will make it easier for recruiters and HR professionals to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise, this guide provides the knowledge and strategies you need to elevate your recruitment game.

Episode 1: Getting Started

Stephanie kicks off the series by delving into the fundamentals of programmatic advertising. From targeting the right candidates to optimizing ad spend, she provides a roadmap for leveraging digital advertising to drive future hiring.

Episode 2: Understanding Programmatic Advertising

In this episode, Stephanie demystifies the jargon surrounding programmatic advertising. She covers what it is, how it’s changing recruitment, and also offers practical insights to help you make it work for your organization.

Episode 3: Job Segmentation, Distribution, and Optimization

Stephanie provides a comprehensive guide to crafting campaigns that resonate, placing your ads strategically, and optimizing your budget to get the most out of your programmatic advertising efforts.

Episode 4: Recruitment Media Buying

Learn the ins and outs of dynamic bidding, static/fixed bidding, and direct buying from Stephanie. Whether you’re new to the game or refining your strategies, this episode offers clarity and insider insights.

Episode 5: Selecting the Right Programmatic Job Ad Platform

Discover how to select the perfect programmatic job advertising platform tailored to your company’s unique needs. Stephanie unravels the complexities of programmatic ecosystems and offers practical tips to maximize your ROI.

Episode 6: Developing a Programmatic Job Ad Strategy

Stephanie dives deep into developing a programmatic job advertising strategy. Learn about segmentation strategy, optimizing job ad placements, harnessing the power of AI, and leveraging industry data and insights to create your customized strategy.

Episode 7: Limitations of Programmatic Job Advertising

In the final episode, Stephanie explores the limitations of programmatic job advertising, including real-time bidding, latency, audience suppression, blacklists, and whitelists.

Let's Get Programmatic

This series is a comprehensive and practical guide to understanding and implementing programmatic job advertising. The insights shared here can help you navigate the world of recruitment advertising with confidence. 

It’s time to unlock the potential of programmatic advertising and revolutionize your hiring process to drive your organization’s success.