I have joined Joveo® as a Senior Product Manager. It has been an exciting first week. My first week at Joveo made me realize that I have come to the right place. Before I deep dive into my experience of working at Joveo so far, let me give some context on why I joined Joveo in the first place.

An important criterion I used to choose my next employer was based on the number of people’s lives that can be positively impacted by the company. There are a few companies I can name which impact the lives of a billion people, big firms like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, etc., come to mind. On a similar scale, Joveo also qualifies my impact criteria. Joveo has powered more than half a billion job ads so far. And, it’s just the beginning.

Coming back to my first week’s experience, I was primarily focused on understanding the product, business, industry, and the team. On day one, our founders briefly talked about vision and roadmap for the company, and the key role to be played by Product & Engineering in achieving the vision. To put it in the CEO’s words, “There are four wheels to a car, rear wheels are Product & Engineering, whereas front wheels are customer-facing teams”. This particular analogy struck a chord with me. On days two and three, I went through quite a few well-documented product videos on different topics. Not many startups have such well-documented product videos. On days four and five, I started interacting with multiple stakeholders trying to understand their work, in order to learn more about the product and the business. Well, it’s been just a week and we had the first team off-site on day 5 :-).

By the end of the first week, I have learned a few things.

1. The recruitment industry in which we operate is pretty huge. Never thought so before joining Joveo.

2. Joveo has built a great (not just good) product platform with customer obsession at the center of its product development.

3. The founding team comes with rich experience in ad tech and recruitment industries.

4. Strong engineering and data science cultures provide a competitive advantage for Joveo.

One thing which I really liked is getting to know my exact role and responsibilities during the first week itself. A lot of other startups hire first and then figure out exact responsibilities later. That’s not the case here.

I didn’t want this to turn out like a sales pitch for Joveo. But, if it has turned out like that, so be it. I am merely talking about my experience of working at Joveo so far, and so far, so good 🙂

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