“The two most important decisions of your life invariably boil down to who you choose to marry and where you choose to work,” remarked an old bard to me after downing a couple of scotches. This particular statement made me realize that it is indeed a comical irony of sorts that you put your head, heart, and soul into the search for the former but end up spending most of your life with the latter.

It is quite true that where you work can eventually help define who you are, and it is for that reason that everyone out there is constantly looking for their ‘dream job’. Apart from a select few however, it takes most people numerous jobs and countless years to land on that one ‘dream job’.

That being said, let’s now look at this from the perspective of an employer. Just like a job-seeker, the employer too is always fishing for those ‘dream candidates’ who will one day become their employees. I’m saying fishing because, in today’s scheme of things, many employers blindly cast their nets into the talent pond hoping to find the right matches for their requirements. It’s no fault of theirs honestly, but the reality is that there are hundreds of people trying to fish from the same pond and maybe the pond isn’t that big after all.

Analogies aside, to put it in plain and simple words – in today’s job market there aren’t enough relevant candidates to meet hiring needs. And if you’re a hiring manager or a recruiter, you know that very well.

For those of you who think that this sounds absurd, you’re not wrong. This ‘reality’ is actually a mirage of sorts. A mirage caused by resorting to conventional job aggregators to deliver on all of your hiring needs. Please bear in mind that these job aggregators are still the best at what they do, but there is a whole different pool of talent that you are missing out on that these job aggregators might not be reaching out to today.

Now that we’ve spoken enough about the problem and the current scheme of things, what is the solution? How do we recruit talent from these other pools?

What if there was an intelligent, data-driven and transparent platform that could not only manage all your media spends in one place, but also help you to reach that ‘unexplored pool of talent’ we were just talking about and also expose where exactly these applicants came from?

This type of platform would ensure that you are not just able to plan, budget and optimize your current media spends with the job aggregators you are working with today, but your jobs are able to reach more than a hundred partner sites, ranging from job boards, niche category-based employment sites, social media, and community sites; and all of this with a single click of a button.

Imagine a world data where your job advertising platform uses an intelligent programmatic approach to recommend and post the right jobs to the right publisher sites to ensure that you meet your hiring goals in the fastest and most cost-efficient manner. To add to that, all this is done in a fashion where all you need to do is provide budgets and performance goals, CPA (cost per applicant) or CPH (cost per hire). This means that there would be no requirement for you to have individual job board contracts, or go through the pain of managing budgets, CPC bids, etc. With this job advertising platform, you have real-time insights into the performance of all these sites from a click, to a hire, down to an individual job level. This transparency and accuracy in reporting will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to allocating the right amount of money to the right jobs and publishers.

Imagine no longer. With Joveo, all of this is a reality.

To put it back into fishing terms, Joveo not only empowers you to catch more fish with your existing nets but transports you to a new ocean where you can now fish for new talent.

A few months back, one of our healthcare customers was finding it hard to source Registered Nurses, owing to them being in a remote area in North Carolina. In a short time, thanks to the Joveo platform’s intelligence, we were able to deduce that the conventional aggregators could not help with the customer’s requirements. We then began to post the same openings on Facebook, Craigslist and a few healthcare community sites in that locality. This helped us to tap into a whole new audience, which helped our customer to meet their hiring goals within the next month and a half, with about 30% reduction in their cost per hire (CPH). This instance is just one example of the countless success stories here at Joveo where we have helped our customers to hire faster and at a lower CPH.

To conclude, I would like to leave you with one thought on how to recruit talent, just like how you are looking for your dream ‘candidate’, a candidate is always looking for his or her ‘dream job’ as well.

It is a fact that actions speak more than words, so if you are interested in learning more about how we can help you, please contact me at [email protected].


Joveo® delivers the most relevant hires in the shortest time to companies around the world. Providing real-time insights at every step of the job seeker journey from click to hire, our AI-powered job advertising platform dynamically manages and optimizes sourcing and applications across all online channels. Powering 15M+ job postings every day, our machine learning continuously identifies success, learns and improves to reach the talent you need, when you need it.

Built for ease of use, Joveo replaces the guesswork, complexity and inefficiency of today’s recruiting with intelligence, transparency and efficiency, delivering more relevant candidates, more certainty, more success.

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