When it comes to talent acquisition (TA) and artificial intelligence (AI), staying ahead of the curve is paramount. With LinkedIn being the powerhouse platform that it is, it’s essential to recognize the voices driving innovation in these fields. Here, we present the top 10 influencers on LinkedIn in TA and AI, whose insights and expertise are reshaping the future of work.

William Tincup 

William Tincup is a seasoned expert in HR and TA, offering deep insights into the intersection of technology and talent. With a wealth of experience, he shares thought-provoking content, guiding professionals through the latest trends and strategies. His engaging presence and ability to simplify complex topics make him a standout in the industry.

William Tincup -WRKdefined | LinkedIn 

Jim Durbin

Jim Durbin, also known as the “Social Media Headhunter,” is a leading voice in recruitment and social media strategy. Durbin provides practical tips and advice for recruiters and HR professionals. His real-world examples resonate well with his audience, making his advice highly actionable.

Jim Durbin – Respondable Recruitment Marketing | LinkedIn

Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher is a renowned speaker, author, and consultant specializing in employer branding and social recruiting. With a keen interest in talent acquisition, Fisher shares valuable insights into leveraging AI-driven solutions to attract and retain top talent. His thought leadership on LinkedIn covers a wide range of topics, from recruitment marketing to candidate experience, making him a go-to resource for TA professionals seeking innovative strategies.

Craig Fisher – TalentNet Media | LinkedIn

Katrina Collier

Katrina Collier, also known as “The Searchologist,” is a leading expert in candidate engagement and social recruiting. With a focus on leveraging technology to improve the recruitment process, Collier shares practical tips and strategies for building authentic connections with candidates. Her engaging content on LinkedIn covers topics such as employer branding, candidate experience, and the future of recruitment.

Katrina Collier – Reboot Hiring 📙 | LinkedIn

Hung Lee 

Hung Lee is the founder of Recruiting Brainfood, a popular newsletter and community for recruiters and HR professionals. With a passion for exploring the intersection of technology, psychology, and talent acquisition, Lee shares insights and resources to help recruiters stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. His thought-provoking posts on LinkedIn cover a wide range of topics, from AI-powered sourcing to diversity and inclusion in hiring.

Hung Lee – Recruiting Brainfood | LinkedIn

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Sarah Brennan

Sarah Brennan brings a wealth of experience to HR and talent acquisition strategy. Through her expertise in AI and data analytics, she offers actionable advice for modern recruitment processes, guiding professionals towards innovative solutions. Brennan’s ability to translate data-driven insights into actionable strategies empowers HR professionals to make informed decisions that drive results.

Sarah White – Aspect 43 | LinkedIn

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell, the CEO of SocialTalent, is a leading voice in recruitment training and technology. Campbell offers actionable tips and strategies for recruiters looking to stay ahead in a competitive market. His engaging LinkedIn content covers topics such as sourcing techniques, candidate engagement, and the future of work, making him a must-follow for recruiters seeking to elevate their skills.

Johnny Campbell – SocialTalent | LinkedIn

Leela Srinivasan

Leela Srinivasan is the Chief Marketing Officer at SurveyMonkey and a thought leader in employer branding and talent acquisition. With a background in both marketing and HR, Srinivasan brings a unique perspective to the intersection of technology and recruitment. Her LinkedIn posts delve into topics such as employer brand strategy, candidate experience, and the impact of AI on HR, offering valuable insights for organizations looking to attract and retain top talent.

Leela Srinivasan – PARITY | A Group 1001 Company | LinkedIn

Jonathan Kestenbaum

Jonathan Kestenbaum is the Managing Director of Talent Tech Labs, an organization dedicated to promoting innovation in the talent acquisition space. With a focus on emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and automation, Kestenbaum provides expert analysis and commentary on the future of work. His LinkedIn posts explore the latest trends and developments in talent acquisition technology, making him a go-to resource for HR professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve.

Jonathan F. Kestenbaum – New York City Metropolitan Area | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

Madeline Laurano

Madeline Laurano is the founder of Aptitude Research, a research-based advisory firm specializing in talent acquisition and HR technology. Laurano provides valuable insights and thought leadership to help organizations optimize their recruitment processes. Her LinkedIn posts cover a wide range of topics, from predictive analytics in hiring to the future of remote work, making her a trusted resource for HR professionals seeking to drive innovation in their organizations.

Madeline Laurano – Aptitude Research | LinkedIn


With expertise ranging from recruitment strategies to AI-driven solutions, they offer actionable insights crucial for professionals navigating the evolving landscape of HR. By following their guidance, HR and TA professionals can stay ahead of trends, leverage cutting-edge technologies, and optimize recruitment processes for success in the modern workforce.

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