To shed light on the innovative talent acquisition strategies used in the past year, we’ve gathered insights from five professionals, including Human Resources Managers and CEOs. Their strategies range from branding at conferences to implementing a passive recruitment strategy. Dive into their unique perspectives to enhance your talent acquisition process.

Branding at Conferences

Our content marketing and outreach team attended a local SEO conference wearing T-shirts that said “Links for Ling” on one side and “#We’reHiring” on the back. This strategy was successful. We aimed to expand our outreach team and attract link builders. The T-shirts facilitated engagement and opened a window for communication. As a result, we found the team members we were seeking.

Jarir Mallah, Human Resources Manager, Ling App

Recruiting Journalists for SEO

It’s been virtually impossible to hire good SEOs over the last two years.

Through several coincidences, I came to learn that journalists pick up on many of the labor-intensive aspects of SEO. I started recruiting them through “Copy Editor” job listings.

They are effectively doing copy editing, only with an eye towards SEO. None of them realize they have this transferable skill, and they learn on-page SEO super fast.

Many of those in the struggling areas of journalism see this change as a lifeline. So, it’s been a win-win for all of us.

Frank Olivo, CEO, Sagapixel SEO

Hiring Freelancers via Online Platforms

We’ve utilized an innovative talent acquisition strategy: hiring talented freelancers.

We can find these freelancers using online platforms like Upwork, which is dedicated to connecting businesses with them as independent professionals. We’ve also discovered that these talented freelancers often already have employers or contractors for whom they are working.

However, this did not prevent their hiring. The approach taken was to have open communication with them virtually to learn about their past work, prices offered, method of payment, and working hours.

It should be noted that the interview or communication comes after their profiles have been reviewed to gain a first-hand idea about their past works, feedback, and ratings. They are hired after the discussion if they align with the project objectives, budgets, and preferred locations.

Peter Bryla, Community Manager, ResumeLab

Leveraging AI for Skill-Based Matching

Leveraging AI for skill-based matching has emerged as a potent strategy in talent acquisition. We utilize AI to conduct skill-based matching by accurately scanning resumes and profiles for skill sets aligned with the job roles we’re hiring for. This enables us to pinpoint the right candidates much faster and with higher accuracy compared to manual screening.

We trained the AI algorithms to identify specific skills, experiences, and qualifications, and match them with our job requirements, ensuring that the shortlisted candidates are of high relevance. Additionally, it helps us to mitigate unconscious bias by focusing on skills and experiences rather than subjective factors.

The results have been noteworthy. Our time-to-hire metrics have improved significantly, and the quality of matches between candidates and job requirements has been exceptionally high. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes positively to candidate experience by ensuring relevancy in job matches.

Carlos Trillo, Founder and CEO, Evinex

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Passive Recruitment Strategy

I really do think that passive recruitment is one of the best strategies for teams to try, especially if they’re stuck in a recruiting rut.

It essentially “opens up” the talent pool much wider than you would originally have access to as you’re finding people who may not advertise that they’re open for work or for a change of job, but in fact are just waiting for the right company to come along.

Wendy Makinson, HR Manager, Joloda Hydraroll

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