To understand the benefits of programmatic job advertising when hiring at volume, we asked six professionals from various fields, including CEOs and HR Directors, to share their insights. From using an innovative approach to targeted hiring to achieving data-driven precision in volume hiring, discover the top reasons why you should consider this method in your recruitment strategy.

Innovative Approach to Targeted Hiring

When it comes to hiring needs, our platform is all about thinking innovatively. Programmatic job ads aren’t just an option; they’re a vital strategy. With a focus on helping work-life balance, we’ve used programmatic ads to change how companies find ideal candidates.

By utilizing programmatic job advertising, we automated the entire process based on maximum efficiency and saw fantastic results. Our hiring platform began reaching out to a targeted audience that was specifically interested in our four-day workweek ideology, hence allowing us to build an ideal candidate pool.

Programmatic job advertising is not just about showing ads everywhere; it’s about making real connections. Using data, we find candidates who fit with company values, making successful matches more likely.

Moreover, programmatic job ads aren’t just tools; they’re the way we can connect in a targeted manner that offers brilliant conversions.

Phil McParlane, Founder and CEO,

Leveraging Data for Efficient Recruiting

In my opinion, the biggest reason to use programmatic job advertising when hiring at volume is the data and metrics that arise as a result. The truth is, most HR and recruiting teams have no idea how their normal job sites perform, or whether they could spend their recruiting budgets more efficiently.

They just continue to post on the same sites and hope for the best. However, by using programmatic job advertising, you get access to super-valuable data across various job sites and social media platforms.

For example, you can compare metrics such as cost per click or cost per applicant to guide your recruiting decisions moving forward. That way, recruiting teams know they are spending their budget and time in an effective manner.

Janelle Owens, HR Director, Guide2Fluency

Janelle Owens says programmatic leverages data for efficient recruiting

Rapid Reach With Relevant Candidates

Programmatic job advertising allows you to rapidly reach a large pool of candidates within a short space of time. If you’re doing this across specific platforms related to your area of operation, then this also means that you’re likely to be reaching a vetted pool of relevant candidates, too.

Tracey Beveridge, HR Director, Personnel Checks

Targeting Precision in Job Advertising

I’ve been using programmatic job advertising for a few years now, and I think it’s one of the best ways to hire at volume. The reason is simple: It allows you to target the exact people you want to hire.

If you’re looking for a certain type of candidate, like someone who has worked in a particular industry or company before, programmatic job advertising can help you find those people.

What’s more, it gives you an incredibly high level of control over who sees your ad and how many times they see it. That means that if someone clicks on your ad, they are very likely to be interested in the job (and not just clicking on every ad they see).

You can also set up multiple ads at once and make sure that your message is reaching as many people as possible.

Rengie Wisper, Marketing Manager, SupplyGem

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Data-Driven Precision in Volume Hiring

One standout reason to use programmatic job advertising, especially when hiring at volume, is its data-driven precision. At Click Intelligence, during a phase of rapid expansion, we needed to hire multiple roles across various departments.

Traditional hiring methods were proving inefficient and costly. Implementing programmatic job advertising revolutionized our approach. The system’s ability to automatically allocate budget to the best-performing job boards and real-time adjustments based on performance meant we attracted higher-quality candidates at a fraction of our previous cost.

This wasn’t just automation; it was optimization. The data-driven nature of programmatic advertising allowed us to focus our resources effectively, ensuring we got the right eyes on our postings, leading to faster, more efficient hires.

Simon Brisk, Director, Click Intelligence Ltd

Simon Brisk says programmatic brings data-driven precision to high-volume hiring

Efficient Outreach to Qualified Candidates

Programmatic job advertising allows employers to quickly reach out to a larger, more qualified pool of candidates when hiring at volume. With automated targeting capabilities and the ability to track user engagement with ads, programmatic job advertising is an effective way to identify the best talent for your organization’s open positions.

The success of using programmatic job advertising in volume-hiring campaigns has been observed firsthand. It has been possible to quickly source hundreds of qualified candidates and hire the best people within a short time frame. This has enabled savings in both time and money, while still finding exceptional talent for open roles.

Martin Seeley, CEO, Mattress Next Day

Finding great-fit candidates who convert into hires remains challenging.

The majority of job sites focus on easy metrics (clicks or cost per click) rather than important ones (number of hires or cost per hire). We know your goal is to make more hires at a lower cost. Data is the key to achieving talent sourcing goals. It’s time to use your data to make better choices and shift dollars to the sources that deliver the most hires.

Joveo’s programmatic solution, MOJO Pro, will revolutionize your recruitment process. With the power of our AI-driven approach and campaign automation, you can spend with precision on sources that deliver. Get your job ads in front of the right people – at the right place and time, for the right price!

What does that mean?

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