We have a service level that is right for you whether you have a team of programmatic experts, you need to integrate with your tech stack, or you are just getting started with programmatic.

Managed Service

You don’t need to be a programmatic expert to realize the benefits of smart programmatic job advertising.

• Programmatic experts provide full service media planning to campaign setup management and analytics.

• Optimization experts to diversify your campaigns and deliver a 20 – 30% improvement.

• All of your media buying centralized into one IO with one invoice.

Self Service

Smart job advertising technology puts your programmatic buying team in the driver’s seat while giving them more time to focus on strategy and innovation instead of execution.

• Dedicated onboarding and training support sets your team up for success.

• A simple and intuitive IU means no learning curve.

• Ongoing live chat.

Joveo Inside

Looking to make your own ad buying platform more powerful? Talk to us about how to integrate Joveo’s smart programmatic job advertising technology into your own branded platform.

• Joveo’s features and capabilities white labeled though your own platform.

• Easy integration.

• Dedicated onboarding team and ongoing live chat.