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Leading agency blows up the traditional media buying model.

World-renown agency chooses Joveo

J. Walter Thompson provides recruitment strategies and media buying to global Fortune 500 employers. To stay ahead of the curve they partnered with Joveo to blow up the traditional media buying model. Hear how they amaze their clients by leveraging the Joveo technology.

Diversifying a media buy through smart programmatic job advertising cut hiring time by 30 days for a national healthcare system.


An advertising agency representing a large national healthcare system found that their hard to fill open positions were not generating applicants through traditional media buying practices.

To date the agency had primarily worked with one job aggregator to fill positions for their client, allocating up to 90% of their budget to the aggregator. Although the agency saw a good volume of applicants they also saw that 80% of applications were only for the easy-to-fill positions.


Through Joveo’s programmatic platform the agency was able to diversity their media plan and spread their budget across 20 aggregators. In addition, optimization rules were set up in the platform so that the easy-to-fill positions were capped at 10 applications each.


With this solution the agency saw hard to fill positions were getting to hire 30 days faster than the previous approach. The overall aggregate cost per hire for both easy and hard to fill positions dropped 30%.

Top RPO reduced a major equipment manufacturer cost per hire by 50%.

An RPO representing a major heavy equipment manufacturer had 5 – 10 open reqs for technology positions at any given time and they needed a scalable and efficient way to keep their client’s hiring pipeline full.
Historically the RPO was filling the pipeline by working with multiple job boards and therefore having to sign large contracts. Their challenge with this approach was that it required time consuming buying, execution, optimization and analytics for each job board. As a result their cost per hire was in the thousands.

Working with Joveo, the RPO re-strategized how they buy job advertising. They phased out the approach of buying job postings from individual job boards and moved to targeting the sites where great technology talent visits regularly. The campaign was consolidated in Joveo’s advertising management platform for easy execution and optimization. The buying model was switched from pay-per-click to a cost-per-click by a jobseeker.

Cost per hire reduced by 50%.
Time saved! Multiple buys managed in the time it takes to manage a single publisher.