We are Joveo.
Joveo is an exciting programmatic media start-up with grand ambitions “a job for everyone”.
Harnessing machine learning and big data, our platform connects our clients with the right
candidates for the right roles, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Through brilliant
people and innovative technology, we are driving next generation recruitment technology
In just over a year, we’ve built a platform that deals with millions of jobs and processes tens of
millions of events per day. And we’re growing at an exponential rate. We believe in faster
iterations, deploying code into production daily, heavy focus on customer delight, flat
hierarchy, and fun environment.

Responsibilities and Impact

  • You’ll be responsible to build devops culture
  • Build storage and caching infrastructure to support to manage billions of jobs.
  • You will measure and optimize as Joveo continues to build one of the industry's most
    advanced platform to derive meaning from vast amounts of data.
  • You’ll also monitor the current infrastructure to find cracks, weak links and patch them
  • You’ll be owning mission critical infrastructure

Current stack

  • IaaS – AWS, MongoCloud, Compose
  • Languages – Scala, Python
  • Frameworks – Spray, Akka Streams
  • Persistence – MongoDB, Redis (Cache), S3
  • Serverless Architectures – Monitoring and Alerting Systems (AWS Lambda, API Gateway)
  • Containers – Docker, ECR
  • Continuous Integration – Github, CircleCI, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy
  • Others – AWS Batch

Some fun things you’ll get to build

  • Real-time Analytics Platform – Allowing us and customers in identifying insights quickly
    to work on the high leverage areas.
  • Cluster Management – Designing a robust infrastructure that supports billions of jobs.
  • Machine learning Infrastructure – To optimize customers spending, we need to store
    huge amounts of data and learn from it. A common infrastructure for ML saves a
    significant time for the company.

If the below needs speak to you, let’s get in touch

  • Must have 3 – 7 years of overall IT experience
  • Linux, Unix and Amazon Web Services administration
  • AWS Services – EC2, Redis, RDS, VPC, etc.
  • Automation and configuration management using Ansible, Puppet or similar
  • Software configuration, deployment management – Git, Github, Jenkins, etc.
  • Building CI and CD pipelines
  • Load balancers, routers and firewalls
  • Capacity planning, utilization review and performance monitoring
  • Managing Web and Database servers – MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Using tools for monitoring system metrics
  • Production support experience with 24/7 on-call support

Competitive benefits
At Joveo, we are passionate about creating a stimulating and supportive work environment for
you. We strive to keep you healthy, happy and productive. We offer market competitive salary,
Stock options and many more. We offer flexible work hours and work from home options.
Everyday free lunch and snacks and we do have team outings, parties and unlimited fun. We
are an exciting and dynamic startup company with unique generous benefits!

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