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Why You Need Programmatic Recruitment, and Which Approach Works Best

Programatic job advertising

Most recruitment professionals have heard of programmatic recruitment, but it’s likely their company is new to the technology. With key advantages— like the ability to track and manage ad campaigns for multiple clients from a single dashboard, and improved budgetary control — it’s no wonder that most recruitment companies are planning on launching programmatic job advertising in the near future. In fact, many have already started down the path to gain an edge on the competition.

If you’re new to programmatic recruitment, this post will give you a good overview of the basics, as well as the types of vendors in the space.


At a basic level, programmatic recruitment is the use of technology for buying, placing, and optimizing job ads and their associated budgets. Just as online advertising uses algorithms to reach the right buyers with the right products, programmatic recruitment ensures job-seekers are targeted with the most relevant job ads on the right channel at the right time.


Traditional recruitment advertising is rife with inefficiencies and unnecessary spending. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage multiple job ad vendors, collect and consolidate data, and track spending. Many ad channels are ineffective but identifying them is time-consuming.

A programmatic recruitment platform streamlines job advertising, so you’re only buying the job ads you need when you need them. It enables recruiters to operate at a much larger scale and manage vastly more expansive programs than traditional methods. When it’s done right, the technology also harnesses the power of machine learning to generate important insights, recommendations, and strategies for making your campaigns even more effective. Here are just a few of the benefits:

* Significant time-savings. Spend less time and use fewer staff to manage more job postings across a multitude of channels and interfaces.

* Better targeting. Target the right audiences faster by harnessing data and key performance indicators.

* Improved scalability. Distribute job postings to a broader audience than you could ever reach manually.


The programmatic recruitment world is filled with vendors, each with their own approach to running programmatic job ads. With the broad way these vendors frequently describe their services, it can be very difficult to decipher the differences between their solutions.

Basically, vendors can be divided into three categories:
1) Agency-first
2) Publisher-first
3) Technology-first


Agency-first programmatic vendors offer programmatic capabilities but are not solely focused on them. (Note: These vendors are not full-fledged agencies, which often partner with technology-first vendors who specialize. This is a separate category.) Agency-first vendors often ask to be signed as your agency-of-record and may offer a multitude of other services, such as employer and social branding. The challenge with hiring these vendors is that programmatic marketing usually takes a backseat to other recruiting capabilities. As a result, programmatic functionality is never extended beyond its basic capabilities. Because of this narrow investment, a customer’s functionality, support, and results are typically limited.


Vendors falling into the publisher-first model also offer programmatic capabilities. However, functionality is driven by the vendor’s relationships with publishers. These relationships determine where and when posting occurs, and at what cost. In other words, relationships drive activity performance. This is a major drawback because the best results from programmatic are always generated from a publisher agnostic approach. With limited functionality and a business model driven by relationships, publisher-first vendors cannot provide total transparency across channels, spend, and performance.


Technology-first programmatic vendors put the technology in your hands. Some vendors leave the daily management up to you, while others provide a managed service option. The road you choose all depends on whether you have staff that wants to take over system management. In either case, a technology-first solution will provide you with on-demand analytics and performance that go job-level deep. These aren’t superficial metrics.

Oftentimes, technology-first vendors also have a transparent SaaS business model, which provides more control and predictability. And because the vendor’s business model hinges on sophisticated technology, there’s a great deal of investment in the technology itself. This translates into better results as optimizations can be made at multiple levels, including campaign-, group-, or specific job-levels. The leading technology-first vendors are also increasingly partnering with dedicated agencies and RPOs. Together, they’re able to deliver a solution that’s truly best-in-class.


Start with a technology-first vendor. This will give you complete control and transparency, so you can quickly see efficiency gains and reduce overhead with automated campaign and budget optimizations.

A technology-first solution also gives you the option to choose the publishers that deliver results based on your needs—not your vendor’s. Here’s what you can expect:

* Run your own campaigns across inventory from multiple publishers and channels that meet your specific requirements.

* If you don’t have internal capabilities, choose a managed service option.

* Maintain centralized control of your campaigns across multiple departments, or clients and regions.

* Reduce overhead and increase efficiency, made possible with expanded functionality and support, including dedicated 24/7 teams.

* Enjoy complete transparency into publisher and channel performance, cost-per-click, and cost-per-apply.

To learn more about evaluating programmatic recruitment vendors, download our free eBook Programmatic Recruitment: Choose the Right Job Advertising Platform.


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