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5 Ways Programmatic Recruitment Improves Job Advertising

Unless you’ve been marooned on a deserted island for the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard about programmatic recruitment, also known as automated job advertising. There’s been quite a lot of buzz about it. But, beyond the hype, what is programmatic recruitment and how exactly does it help you? 

At its most basic level, programmatic recruitment is job advertising that uses technology for automating the buying, placing, and optimizing of job ads and their associated budgets. Similar to the advertising you see as a consumer for the products and services you buy online every day, programmatic recruitment uses algorithms to target potential job seekers with your ads, which results in applies for your open positions.

But, at a higher level, programmatic recruitment is about much more than just automated job advertising.


When done right, programmatic recruitment gives you all the tools and data you need to optimize your job advertising. These optimizations help you find and engage with the most relevant job seekers, who then become relevant applicants, then candidates, and ultimately hires. 

In other words, it offers you a competitive edge. 

How? By providing five crucial advantages that are only available with programmatic job advertising: 

1. Complete transparency 

2. Higher relevant applicant volumes

3. Faster time-to-hire

4. Increased ROI

5. Total control

Let’s look at each of these advantages in more detail.


Transparency in the context of programmatic recruitment refers to the analytics and reporting that are essential to evaluate and understand costs and performance. This applies across channels and applications throughout the entire recruitment process: from click-to-hire. And, only with this data can you make intelligent, informed, and effective recruiting decisions at every step of the job seeker journey. 

Complete transparency in programmatic recruitment delivers insights into the number of applies, spend, cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and more, right down to the job and publisher level. You can then slice and dice the data any way you want, based on your needs.

If your company lives and dies by data, then transparency is essential to your existence. It’s the only way to prove the ROI for all of your hard work and recruiting efforts. 


Relevant – that’s an important word when it comes to recruitment. You can spend an enormous amount of money on the old school post-and-pray approach to job advertising and get hundreds or even thousands of applications. But how relevant are they? And, how many of them will turn into actual hires? Without the applicants you need, the volume of applies is worthless. You are merely throwing your recruitment dollars away. 

The most effective programmatic recruitment uses machine learning and a rules-based approach to buying job advertising. This ensures that your job ads are targeting the most relevant job seekers for your specific needs. As a result, the number of relevant applicants grows much higher.


Paired with relevance, speed-to-fill is the mantra we hear every day from our customers. They say, “I have X number of open positions that need to be filled this month — go!” 

Again, programmatic recruitment saves the day.

The increase in relevant applicant volume due to machine-learning, as well as the depth, breadth, and efficiency of programmatic recruitment technology reduces the time it takes to deliver quality applicants. For many of our clients, time-to-hire has been reduced by 35% or more. Getting quality applicants quickly reduces time-to-hire, and the powerful reporting tools programmatic recruitment offers means you can also prove it.


Thanks to machine-learning optimizations, and the efficiency of programmatic recruitment technology, our clients are seeing a 30-50% improvement in recruiting ROI. This improvement is directly attributable to the increased efficiency, visibility (transparency), and control programmatic recruitment technology provides. 

And, the insights and reporting that you get with programmatic technology make it easy to share these great ROI results with your management teams. 


By now, you can probably see the pattern here. Each one of these programmatic recruitment advantages builds on the other, ultimately leading to increased control over your recruitment efforts.

This level of control means you:

* know precisely where your recruitment dollars are going

* see the real-time results you’re getting from each channel, publisher or other sources you use, in a single dashboard

* can manage and report on different sources and different spend

* decide how to gather and apply learnings for future use

And, having control over your recruitment efforts leads to improved speed, quality, and certainty of your hires.


Programmatic job advertising from Joveo® is a powerful recruiting tool. It will help you find your most relevant hires faster, offers optimal efficiency for your ad spend, and provides the data you need to continue optimizing your recruitment processes. You just can’t get that with regular job advertising. 

On the surface, programmatic recruitment platforms may seem the same, but take a closer look and you’ll find that they are not. Most offer automated job advertising, but to get the competitive edge you’re looking for, you need a solution, like Joveo, that provides much more. 

If you’re looking to deploy programmatic recruitment at your company, be sure you know the right questions to ask to evaluate the right solution for your needs. 


Download our ebook Programmatic Recruitment: Choose the right job advertising platform.” 

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